Thursday, August 30, 2007

Madamoiselle & Sapphira Cakes

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I think, most of you, by now, have already heard of the new local cake house in town called the "Sapphira Cakes House". I've been browsing through their website so many times before but haven't got a chance to check out the place. They have just opened this month and looking at the pics in their site, has got me the interest to check it out. So today, as we were already around kiulap, Moi and Mrs Meow decided to drop by.

By the first look, I was already impressed by the warmth ethnic look of the entrance. Once we got inside, we were captivated by the simple Nyonya-Baba-Style decor of the place. With only a counter, serving a range of Local Cakes, placed on a transparent covered plate over a various shapes of brown wooven baskets, i find it uniquely, a one of a kind in Brunei. Despite of the place was quite small and the choices of cakes isn't as much as a bakery cake house would sell, I love the owners idea of promoting only Malay cakes and how amusing it is, that they are able to make a simple malay cake looks so good with all the colours they used to improvised the looks of the cakes. I decided to buy one of each type for trial as I have a hard time deciding which to buy.
I've tasted every cakes now and my verdict is..... as much as it looks, the taste weren't bad at all. It depends on how you liked your local cakes, in which i don't have a problem with that. Unfortunately, i don't know the names of each cakes but i do love a couple of 'em. Especially the one with the Sambal dried prawns on top. It was really hot but i like it. I have only a few pics of the cakes I bought'll get the idea how colourful they are. You can visit their site to know more info about Sapphira Cake House here.

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