Sunday, August 5, 2007

Madamoiselle & B'Day Bash

:: Food Talk ::

Had a bbq birthday bash for siblings ~> Sistah "Oleev" and Bro "'1" <~ few weeks ago [or was it a month ago... hmmm..] But anyhow, I know it's already "bangas" to tell about it so blame it on my my sistah for sending the pictures late! Well, i wanted to post bout this long way back for memories ...hah! food memories actually, and the only person who brought a camera that day was the bday gurl herself and it took her like too long to send me the pics and so heck! i'll just post the food part anyway..hehehe!!!

As a food lover, i love to cherish the foods i've tasted woohooo!!! And what's special, I was the main chef for the event..hahaha..So here's what we had for our lil' b'day celebration at madame's sistah's homey... invitations limited for Homies only :p

Asparagus with Japanese Tofu in Oyster Sauce

Black Pepper Clams

Chilli Crabs

BBQ Chic!!

Buttermilk Prawn ala madamoiselle

The best part of the lil party was the cake session... Yummy-nyummy super-delicous-not-too-sweet cake was sponsored by moi sistah the latest edition from RBC's totally purely irresistable Chocolate Cake ...with gold dust on the wordings and i just forgot what the cakes name is...

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