Sunday, September 30, 2007

Madamoiselle & Got Milk

Got Milk?

I have always been fascinated with that "Got Milk?" adverts. A big applause with their signature "Milk-smudge-on-the-upper-lips" style ads. Truly original, totally innovative.

Been browsing through the web and found some of their ads.Even Super Heroes & mutants loves milk :p hahaha... Me like!!

I like Smeagol's ad. Poor him, he is so confused!! hehehe...
Smeagol like milk. Milk is smegol's friend. No...No, milk betrayed us! Milk betrayed uses!!! No! Milk is our friend! Milk is our friend! Milk betrayed us! Milk hates us! We must kill itses!! Noo Go awy! Go away! Go away? Go away! Go away? Go away! Go away and never come back! We love Milk! Milk is our friend! We must have milk! Milk is good for us!!!... He's gone! Milk is our master now!
I wonder how it'll be like if we had the malay version of this ad. "Ada Susu?" hahaha.. Unfortunately it can also mean " Got Breast?" in English. :p
Milk = Susu = Breast
See what i mean, Not good!!

Rock stars needs Milk too ya know... They prefered chocolate though...Look at the tongue! so much about milk eih.
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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Madamoiselle & The Diary #6

:: The Diary ~ C'est La Vie ::

Dear Diary,

It's about two weeks to go for Ramadhan, and two more weeks before Hari Raya. Yipee!! Though..........I am not so happy to leave Ramadhan just yet. This year has been a bless for me. I love this holy month, kind of a bit different from the Ramadhans I had before. Not sure why, but it's the greatest holy month so far. You see, there's nothing special happening during these times as to compared to any other years. I think it's just the feeling that I have inside me. I think, I have just finally enjoyed and accepted the good vibes of Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah. Probably, I've finally settled on accepting the experiences that I have lost and just looking forward for what I can only have. Not that I ever complaint anything about it before. It's just that, every year since then, I used to feel "LONELY".

I remember having those happy moments every kid would have, celebrating the festive season after Ramadhan. I remember, every morning of the first day of Raya, my sibblings and I would line up an asked for forgiveness from our parents and from each other. I remember, we used to visit our families and friends together as a whole. It used to be full of laughters and happiness. It used to be fun. Time flies so fast, and things changed. People changed and so are our lives. Everyone has grown up and each of us have our own paths. As much as I have wanted the good old times to happen, it would never be the same. The pain we all had gone through for the last decade, hasn't fully vanished from each and every hearts. So sad! So Sad! I may have ignored the pain. I may have accepted the fate. But has everyone else?

For many years, I did not show my true feelings, for many years I felt so lonely, I just kept on my own, as long as everyone else is happy. Every year, I've sacrificed one party to make the other, happy. Every year, I wished, the others would just forgive and accept what has all been happening. Every year, I hoped I would find somebody and run away from being a solitaire. With all the people around me, Loneliness never left. Even when I thought I've finally found my Soulmate. The loneliness still creeps in me as my soulmate was never meant to be mine.

This year, as I've said, maybe this year have changed. Even though, the surroundings in me are still the same, even though I am no longer with my soulmate and even though the solitude feeling still comes and go, I no longer care about it that much. I think I have accepted that being lonely is a part of me now. A part of me that makes me stronger, the part of me that keeps me ahead. For sure, it is a part of me that opened my heart to learn more about Life!
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Madamoiselle & James Blunt


James Blunt is back!

Yey! Horey!

Maybe everybody knows about it by now and I'm already outdated about this news but still a big HOOREYY!!

James Blunt has released his new album called "All The Lost Souls" on the 18th of September in the U.S. so i think, maybe, it might take sometime for the album to reach here in Asia. Maybe NOT!! Need to check that out at the so-called "komunis Shop".

I am sooo excited! I love James Blunt ever since his 1st album "Back To Bedlam" was out for the world. I love his song "High" & "Tears and Rain" a damn lot. His music and his lyrics, his voice and his way of singing, I can never get bored listening to him. It's been a long wait for his new album to release. I've been wondering myself when he would make the next "da-bomb" album and now, finally, i wait no more.. hahaha!! I feel loved!!

His Single "1973" is out earlier and it's on MTV already. I'm loving it too! Yeehaaa... I've just heard a few samples of his songs from his new album, Lawa berabish eh!Like it! Love it! Adore it!! I'm out of words......

Boh! Reading back what i've written, I'm sure am excited about this, too excited that is...Teehee!
I think i should just leave you guys with his latest single "1973" ..Happy viewing!

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Madamoiselle & Shayne Ward

Am LOVING this guy and this song a lot... woohooo.. drools!!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Madamoiselle & The Prayers *1*

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Madamoiselle & Riviera Hotel Sungkai Buffet

:: Food Talk ::

Went to KB the other day and had Sungkai at the Riviera Hotel Restaurant. It's my first experience to the the hotel and had a surprising mixture of liking it and not.

Firstly, the situation of the restaurant itself is strategically fantastic. I like the calm beautiful sight of the river with the yellow arrays of light as the sunset beams throughout the restaurant. Was a bit hot but still it feels nice.

The downside of the place is the lack of decor. They could have uplifted the looks better and could have make it more comfy. The style is there but something is missing...not sure what it is but its a bit uncomfortable.

As for the buffet, overall , i'd say it's okay to compare with the price which is about $9.9o per person. I like their curry chicken, one of a favourite dish of mine. Other than that, the service is also a so-so. We tried ordering their satay for a side dish (for desert) and it took ages to arrive. By the time it is served, our stomach is already "Nuhun". Luckily, we didn't order much and the taste of the satay is not as indulging as it smells.

To sum it all, I'd say, although I commented a bit negatively, i don't mind coming back to this place again. Hopefully, they'll upgrade it better in the future, sayang bah, the place is nice already, just needs a lil more effort.
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Madamoiselle & Tanda Mata Cinta

:: Going Somewhere ::

I've been meaning to write this a few weeks back but i was caught up with so many things and posted so many other things that i have forgotten all about this.. Teehee... So let me tell ya about the title above. Since Hari Raya will be in a few weeks time and pay day will be tomorrow, probably, those who have plans to buy new furnitures might want to drop by to this place. It's located at Kg Sungai Tilong, the same building with Pizzahut or was it DQ?, but on the next block at the far end. I'm not into rattans but seeing the place, i love their furnitures. Oh by the way, The name of the shop is "Tanda Mata Cinta". Very catchy, ain't it? So all about the place will be described as of the pictures below :)

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Madamoiselle & Sungkai Gathering

:: Food Talk ::

Today, we had a Sungkai-Gathering for our big family at home sweet home. Didn't do any cooking though. Normally ,we had own cooked food thats too much varieties on the menu but this time we decided for simplicity and convenience, just 'order' lah ..hehehe.. My parents decided that we ordered "Nasi Beriyani" from Rang Mahal Restaurant and had local fruits for dessert. Sound simple but it still looks a lot. Dad ordered 3 kinds of "Nasi Beriyani" aka Chicken Beriyani, Beef Beriyani and Lamb Beriyani. For desserts, he bought "Rambutans", "Langsat", "Tarap" and the most favourite "Durian Kuning"..nyum nyum. Everyone targeted the durians first for the opening of much of Durian lovers eih! Here's some pics of the food i manage to take with my handphone camera:

The "Talam" of Beriyanis

The "dalcha" and "acar" for the beriyani and a home cooked "Sayur ubi" from my aunt.

The 3 Beriyanis

Rambutan & Langsat

The sweet "Tarap"

The famous "Durian"

an essential food for breaking the fast~ 'Dates'

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Madamoiselle & The Buffets

I know, I know, I'm supposed to be busy. There's no harm in sneaking my time to blog kan? hehehe... Just a short post. I hope! See the title up there. Well, since it's ramadhan and for all food lovers who'd like to break fast outside home, if you have difficulties to decide where to go and how much the buffets offers, here's a one stop directory for all the offers you get for that.

Just click the pic above and you'll see... so anyone wanna treat me with one of those buffets? Teehee...
Happy tummy filling peeps.

Au revoir!
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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Madamoiselle & her Random-ness

:: Her Random-ness::

Hello Everyone, Anyone & Someone.

It's the 4th day of fasting and I'm doing it very well. This year, somehow, I'm so keen with Ramadhan and i'm glad, it's that holy month now. Although, there are also so many things happening in this month, i.e. my baby car is "sick" and making it better needs a hell lot of money, piles & tons of work heaping to be done in such a limited time and impossible to clear it properly, my on and off headache and tiredness etc.......I tried to take things easy and try not to think much about it. Well, its hard, really hard but I hope I'll get through all these easily, insyaallah.

Probably, this coming one week, i would be on hiatus mode for my blogging. But if i do have time to write, that's mean, i'm sneaking my time..hehehe... When you start blogging, it's hard to stop, Ain't i right? The same with now, I'm supposed to be busy doing something else, but I had this urge to sneak in and blog... Sneaky me..hehehe...

Okay, i gotta get back to what i shud be doing. Buh-bai!! Happy "Puasa", Happy "Sungkai", and Happy "Sahur" :P

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Madamoiselle & Blog-Share #1

:: Blog-Share ::

I love blog hopping. I come across quite a lot of blogs, interesting ones, funny ones, I like reading international bloggers who could come up with so many ideas, and so many things. Not to mention, local blogs too. I've been blog hoping every blogs from the list of the blogging nation. hehehe...and i just couldn't stop.

But for today, I'd like to let you know with one blog site that I can't help stopping by, which is called "Blogs We Luv".

Its a blog that features blogs that people love from around the world and they have this "10 questions" that you can answer about your blog and submit to them. If they find it interesting, they'll post your answers in their blog and this, indirectly promotes your blog for free. They also have a "blog contest" that you can join. Here, They do reviews on blogs that they love and of course have votes for the best bloggers. As an active blog hopper, i love to go to their site, as they can give me a buffet of blogs that are very interesting to read and acknowledge. So for anyone interested, just hop in to the blog. :) ooh.. I sound like i'm doing a commercial here. hehehe... i don't, i just want to share. Happy Reading...Happy Blogging.. Happy Hopping!!

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Madamoiselle & Greetings

Happy Fasting To all Muslims around the world.
Semoga Puasa kita diterima sepanjang bulan Ramadhan.
Semoga kita sentiasa diberkati Tuhan.. Amiiin...
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Madamoielle & i Lotus Restaurant.

:: Food Talk ::

My parents were having a crave for i lotus restaurant's food last two weeks and as promised, i 'll be posting about it today. Not that i have much to say, everybody knows the food was gloriously good over there despite of the pricing being a bit too dear compared to other places. We went there for dinner and although it rains heavily that night, the place was quite packed with hungry food lovers. Mostly chinese though. Here's some pics of what we had.

Tom Yum Seafood

Green Apple Steamed Fish

Brocoli with Scallops

Something??? Prawn in coconut. i forgot.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Madamoisell & her Random-ness #6

Had a conversation with my sister the other day. She told me a story about this Chinese guy going to an Indian muslim restaurant. He asked the Indian waiter for Fried Pork Noodles. The Indian apologisesto the Chinese guy, told him they do not serve pork in the restaurant and began mentioning all the menus they have. With blur tone, the Chinese guy said “Ok, then I’ll have Fried rice with pork!” A little annoyed, the Indian waiter once again told the Chinese guy that they do not serve pork. Again, the Chinese guy asked for another pork dish and the Indian waiter started to burn up but patiently suggested if he would like Nasi Lemak instead. The Chinese guy then said “ Ok laaah, ok laaah, haiiiyaa!!! I want Nasi lemak leh….but no chicken mah, you just put the pork on top of the rice, okey??!!”

“PORK YOU!!! %*W&%$@!” said the angry Indian waiter….kekeke!!!

We cracked!! Pacah, pacah!! Then, our conversation suddenly goes like this;

Sis: Eh! I’m getting fat kah?

Moi: Don’t know eh!

Sis: Well, at least my nose is not like a pig…*giggles*

Moi: [in Chinese slang] What? Your nose not like pig eeh, but your face aaaah same same like pig maah!!! Wahaahaha!!!

Sis: LOL!!


We cracked like $#!T…Teeheee!!

==The End==

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Madamosielle & The Diary #5 ** Cherishing Mr Past **

:: The Diary ~ C'est La Vie ::

Dear Diary,

Mr. Past messaged me the other day. He was Outstation. We joked and we’re still friends. I miss him. But not as much as I missed him like before. Is it fading? Don’t think so. We chat and laughed. Then I popped a stupid question. “Do you still love me?” Silence. “Yes” he said, “I’ve always been in love with you.” Our conversation turned serious. He told me if he could turn back time , if he could change what things had been, if things weren’t so complicated, he’d married me. I cried. I knew he meant it. I knew he was sincere. I knew him well. I knew too, he’s just not too strong enough. I shouldn’t have asked the question. It provoked me too deep.

It’s ironic, when you thought you’ve found your soulmate, he is not the person that you can be with…forever. It’s so sad to know that, first love, was never meant to be your last. Love is such a complicating thing. Even Romeo and Juliet could not define the greatness of love and so the end of their suicidal act.

So dear diary,

I wish him well. I wish him happiness. Let our love be forever cherished between us without any of us killing ourselves :p.

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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Madamoiselle & The Invisible

:: Movie Talk ::

I know this is crazy. After a dissatisfaction with "Apartment 1303", the next day, i went again to the Cineplex and watch something else to kill the boredom of an unsatisfied movie goer. This time I picked " The Invisible". It was just a random pick, a pick from what is available at the time, a pick from a last minute plan, and its a pick of the newest movie for the week. Yipee!! So what's with "The Invisible"?

From the advertised banner in the Cineplex[Not the same banner as the pic above], it looked like a horror-thriller movie. a face without a face. Oooh... scary!! After watching it, my say is.... Waaaa!! i find it a sad movie. Touchy? Sensitive? Probably but I admit, I "WEEPed". Nope, I didn't cry...just weeped. A few of the scenes were touchy for ME. I don't know bout you guys, but I'm very sorry with the life of Annie, one of the main characters of the movie. Though she's supposed to be the "Bad guy" but somehow it turns out that she's just in the wrong side of life. Nick on the other hand, the sad part of him is, when he realized how he had misunderstood his mum for being too "strong and well planned". Every person has a secret...two lifes.. not all happy as it may seemed. This movie tells you the story of two people, different stories, opposite "wants" in life and are connected in its worst times. They both could be happy together if not because one of them died because one of them had to live after unintentionally murdered by one of them. Hmmm...confused? Better watch it. It's not really a box office movie but it's just something new and different. I like it. I know my explanation is not the real synopsis of the movie, but just my view of how i see the story goes. Wrong place, wrong time. It's just a matter of how you choose life without choosing. I think i don't make sense, do i? Forget it, just watch the movie.

My verdict for this movie is 8.5 out of 10.
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MAdamoiselle & Apartment 1303

:: Movie Talk ::

APARTMENT 1303 ~ If you like horror, and if you think "Japs" movies are best in scaring peeps out of their pants, aaaand if you prefer goosebumps tingling off your nerves, trust me : NEVER WATCH THIS MOVIE!! It's a multi thumbs down, a big BOO, and a LOUd Snore!! It's a total waste of your money. Boy! this is the worst, I've ever commented on any movie.

Have you watched the indonesian movie " Pochong 2" [or was it 3??] , Apartment 1303 is the japanese version of it. I don't mean the story, but the feeling of being confused, bored, like "WTF?" of watching the whole show. And looking at the apartment itself, its weird just like the feeling when you watched the apartment in "Pochong 2". Was really disappointed with this movie, i'll rated it 2 out of 10.

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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Madamoiselle & her Rants

It's been almost a week since I've last updated this blog. I've been too tired to go online, too tired that I slept earlier than my normal wee hours of beauty sleep. I don't know why, I felt so exhausted lately, but what's worst, the earlier i get to sleep, the later i get to wake up. Shux! I'm slacking. I'm just in no such mood of working, until yesterday. I just have to work hard or i'll be darn in trouble for the rest of my life. Maybe, I was too hyper for the past few months. Maybe, I just want to settle down and have kids... [huh? BIG SHOUT OUT : Am Single and Available here..hehehe] ...i mean, have a good rest. Maybe, or just maybe, I'm getting old! hmmm.... going 30 is old?? Just Slap Me! HARD!!!


Err...... Thanks!

Anyway, anyhow, I'll try to update my "Yesterday's News" soon. My tiredness overpowered me so much, i don't think I can update it all in a go. Boy! I really need a boost. So here's a list of my next posts that i'd like to post when i got time.." yeah, i got time!!"

1) Madamoiselle & iLotus [ Food Talk]
2) Madamosielle & Tanda Cinta Mata [Going somewhere]
3) Madamosielle & Apartment 1303 [ Movie Talk ]
4) Madamoiselle & her BAGS [ Random-ness ]

Till then, am blogging in the dark, on my bed, feeling ultimately tired but could not get to sleep. Waaaaa.....!!!
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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Madamoiselle & The Invasion

:: Movie Talk ::

Yesterday afternoon, I get to watch "The Invasion"movie mainly acted by Nicole Kidman. It's a story about some kind of alienated virus that spreads thru human, looks like a transparent jelly like thing which has veins in it and this "thing" spreads through either by drinking it or being vomitted to the face. [as in the movie..Really!! T'was euuwhh!!! ] Anyway, the virus would only be active after the ones that had been infected were to sleep within 24hrs or was it 48hrs?? hmmm... i must have not concentrated much watching this movie as I was expecting it would be more of an action movie. A big chase, something dramatic. I saw the trailer the other day and seems that i had misunderstood the trailer and i hadn't read the synopsis yet...hehehe.... So all I could say is, the movie has almost the same concept like the " 28 weeks later" but of a different mission and less violence. Therefore less stress and less jumping of the seat.

I remembered watching "28 weeks later" when we were fooled by a friend saying that it's a great movie. So everyone agreed to watch it after work, thinking it might be good for us to watch a good movie and to loosen the work day's stress. To shorten the story, everyone was too stressed up after the movie that no one felt like having dinner after that and we all went back home coz we felt even more tired than ever. Moral of the story~movies were never meant to relief stress!!~ :)

Back to the main story, the movie takes about 1hr 40mins, but somehow it felt longer than it was supposed to be. Maybe because i wasn't into favour of this kind of story [since the "28 weeks later" incident ] but Nicole Kidman' s talent is still a thumbs up. And she's still a beauty. Truthfully, the whole movie wasn't that bad at all. It's just because of the bad experience with the other movie that affected me. I still feel stress when i think bout that other movie. S0 for this one, The Invasion, I give it a 7 out of 10.

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