Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Hi peeps,

Having back from a very short holiday, I've been getting two shocking news within just 3 days.

The first one, was a lost of an old friend whom I've barely kept in touch in the past few years but we had managed to say hi once in a while on the net. It was indeed, a news that took me quite a while to believe that he actually left the world. He used to be a "Penpal" of mine {a term that is hardly used nowadays since the internet and mobile text-ing has been very much of used these days} and he was one of my closest penpals, a friend who was very talented in writing, the one who would always sent me his creative DIY cards every birthdays in those teenage years. Once in awhile, we called each other to say hi, but most often, wrote long letters of our never ending stories. He was funny, friendly, and kind hearted and his letters were one of those awaiting moments I needed in those days. After high school was over, We wrote less and lesser after time went by, as we both had started fulfilling with our own life's busyness. He became one of those successful person who persue his dreams at a young age and I was happy for him. Unfortunately, I never did know that he had a health problem. How long has it been, how much he suffered, I never knew. It was devastating. I only knew after I heard the news and it was too late!! It was a big loss and I regretted for being apart on the latter years for not being with him as we used to. I hope he would rest in peace and his soul be blessed by the Almighty Amin!

The second news, was the loss of a dear friend's first baby whom was exactly two months old today. She passed away last night and was safely buried this morning. I am very much sorry to my dearest friend for her loss and I do hope she would be strong with all this that had happened. Keep your faith my friend and there's always a heal behind every sorrows.

Life is too short to be taken advantage of. Dealing with such loss was never easy and its best to make the greatest out of them when they are still around. Somehow it's not too late to forgive and forget to the people around, who knows our time may come...who knows...

Till then, Have a great night everyone!

Au Revoir peeps!
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Monday, December 22, 2008

A pre-self Gift!

I'm a jolly happy fella today as I had come to my senses to give myself a pre-self gift aka "bonus is not out yet but i'm already buying myself something in advance". I'm a sucker to shopping.*Sigh*

What did i get???

Good nite peeps! Sweet dreams ....and I'm sure I'm dreaming now already ...hehehe

Au revoir!

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

BSM Walk-a-Hunt

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~The Brief~ -=BSM Walk-A-Hunt=-.

Hellew peeps,

Guess where I had been tonite?

That's the PGGMB building in Bandar. What was I doing there??

That's my partner! We came for a brief for the BSM Walk-a-Hunt held tomorow and it's the first time we join in this year. Loads of people came, mostly first timers and everyone was indeed excited about it. Happy to meet a few familiar faces there :)

Anyway, I have to make this a short post. It's late and I am supposed to wake up early for tomorrow's ...err.. since it's 1 am already now, I can say this morning's event. So till then, good luck to all participants...let's dream for the Hong Kong Tickets eyh!! Team 220 here we come.. :p

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Penyet for new love?

Doesn't that makes you feel hungry?

Few weeks back, I drop by to someone's blog, in which i don't exactly remember who's blog that is, and read a review on this Nasi Ayam Penyet. It's located in Jerudong and as I am a regular at this area, I have always passed by this place but had never got the guts to drop by to try it.

Fortunately, I have friends whom, as I am, are food adventorous and they actually had gone there and told me the same review as of the blog that I've read on earlier. So without wasting time, I persuaded them to have lunch there a few days ago and i'm glad i did. It was superlicious despite of the long awaited service that they haven't managed to cope up with. The place isn't any posh restaurant but a small "warung" that looks isolated and unpopular due to the old burnt Thai workshop just right next door. In fact, it was in the same building, half ruined , while the other half used by this restaurant. I don't even remember seeing any labels of the restaurant's name but if you want to look for it, it's just right opposite of KTM Restaurant in Jerudong and you can see their green banner saying"Nasi Ayam Penyet & Nasi Pece Lele"..something like that..hehehe.

Go on try it, I'm sure you'll love it. Warning though, service is bad...it took so much time for the food to arrive, even when we had called in 2 hrs earlier to ask them to prepare it for us for lunch time. So many came for tapau, the one reason they could not prepare on time for us. Well, it's worth only $2.00 compared to other places, that is cheap. But then, for the reason of a smaller portion of chicken. The best part of it is, the "sambal", which was made like the traditional indonesian style- "grinded manually" therefore , that's probably the case of the bad service ;p.
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Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Diary C'est La Vie - Broken Strings

Dear Diary,

Something had bothered me and it was not the first time I came across with such word of mouth. My instinct told me the same and that was not the first time either. What should I do? It happened again. Is it true all this time? Or had I become in vain??

We, were never a “WE “ anymore. I left him for a reason and him, for one reason. For such an inevitable raison d'ĂȘtre that we could not do anything but to leave with such good terms. Knowing on each side, a promise secretly vowed, if things would go as smoothly as time flies, we may someday be together with god’s will , we hoped.

Is it just me?? or it’s because we were once “soulmates”, that I could feel him….. Somehow distracted to what was unknown to me when evidence leave no trails. I hushed the little voice that whispers deep inside, not wanting to believe, not wanting to accuse. Eventually, it came, blown the truth of despair. You never gave me answers, yet let me discover.

I’ve made my decisions. I tend not to turn.

Thank you for all those moments,

thank you for the all the love

and thank you for the care.

We may once vowed for what may be impossible…

it all ends today,

the journey of our dreams.

“Truth hurts but lies are worse!”

~Broken Strings~ James Morrison feat Nelly Furtado

Let me hold you
For the last time
It's the last chance to feel again
But you broke me
Now I can't feel anything

When I love you,
It's so untrue
I can't even convince myself
When I'm speaking,
It's the voice of someone else

Oh it tears me up
I try to hold on, but it hurts too much
I try to forgive, but it's not enough to make it all okay

You can't play on broken strings
You can't feel anything that your heart don't want to feel
I can't tell you something that ain't real

Oh the truth hurts
And lies worse
How can I give anymore
When I love you a little less than before

Oh what are we doing
We are turning into dust
Playing house in the ruins of us

Running back through the fire
When there's nothing left to save
It's like chasing the very last train when it's too late

Oh it tears me up
I try to hold on, but it hurts too much
I try to forgive, but it's not enough to make it all okay

You can't play on broken strings
You can't feel anything that your heart don't want to feel
I can't tell something that ain't real

Well the truth hurts,
And lies worse
How can I give anymore
When I love you a little less than before

But we're running through the fire
When there's nothing left to save
It's like chasing the very last train
When we both know it's too late (too late)

You can't play on broken strings
You can't feel anything that your heart don't want to feel
I cant tell you something that ain't real

Well truth hurts,
And lies worse
How can I give anymore
When I love you a little less than before

Let me hold you for the last time
It's the last chance to feel again
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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Revamp of the blog!

Hi peeps!

Finally, I've managed to revamp my blog, Yey! Not much of a difference (i guess) but it's definitely refreshing...for me dat is. Eventually, I lurve the "chic - on - the - couch" pic so much dat i just had to make some modification rather than to replace the whole look. So sayang meh! It took me a while to adjust everything as I am a total amatuer on this web design thingy but So far so good and i just need to add more widgets that i've removed :p A lot of energy wasted but hey i'm learning..hehehe....

Anyway, lots of happenings going on with my life these past few days. Happy ones, unpredictable ones, sad ones, tiring ones etc..etc.... but i managed to get on without ruining anything. Not gonna say much about it tonight ....maybe next time then.

So as for now, I need a rest. Looking forward to have another spare time to blog something here.. hopefully tomorrow? Will see... so in the meantime, good nite peeps...and Sweet dreams :)
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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ya Lattefu ultuf bina....

Hi again,

Really, I can't sleep without sharing you guys this video that i've just discovered from a friend who had posted this in fb. It is soooo beautiful and I fell in love instantly with it. I may be so outdated but truly, I've just heard this and immediately wanting so much to share with anyone who's interested and I really want his album. anyone has his album? Here's the video..watch it and listen and let the rhythm get into your soul. :)

The Lyrics:



Allahuma salli ala Muhammad wa ali Muhammad
O GOD send Your Peace and Blessings on Muhammad and his family

Ya Muslimeen sallu alayhi
O Muslims send your peace and blessings upon him

Allahuma salli ala Muhammad wa sahbi Muhammad
O GOD send Your Peace and Blessings on Muhammad and his companions

Ya Mu’mineen sallu alayhi
O Believers send your peace and blessings upon him

Khabeerun ALL-AWARE
Ra’uuf KIND

Allahuma salli ala Muhammad wa ali Muhammad
O GOD send Your Peace and Blessings on Muhammad and his family

Ya Muslimeen sallu alayhi
O Muslims send your peace and blessings upon him

Allahuma salli ala Muhammad wa sahbi Muhammad
O GOD send Your Peace and Blessings on Muhammad and his companions

Ya Mu’mineen sallu alayhi
O Believers send your peace and blessings upon him

La Ilaha illa hu There is no GOD but ALLAH
Al Quddusu The HOLY ONE
La Ilaha illa hu There is no GOD but ALLAH
Arraheem The MERCIFUL

Ya Rahman irham da’fana
O COMPASSIONATE, have mercy upon us

Ya Ghaffaru ighfir dhunubana
O GREAT FORGIVER, forgive our sins

Ya Sattaru ustur uyubana
O CONCEALER, conceal our faults

Ya Mu’izu a’izza ummatana
O BESTOWER OF HONOUR, value our Ummah (nation)

Ya Mujibu ajib du’aana
O RESPONSIVE, grant us our supplication

Ya lateefu ultuf bina
O SUBTLE ONE, be gracious to us


Have a good nite sleep... Assalamualaikum :)

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3 Zero

Hellew folks!

It's a Sunday, a day after the big day of mine. Yups, Moi birthday in which Madamoiselle enters to another stage of life..with a big "THREE" written all over Moi face...hahaha. Rather than being depressed or un-psyched about the ageing issue, I was actually thrilled and excited about it. I know.....most ladies out there would not agree with my outcome reactions. Believe me, I was actually overwhelmed with the new erra of my life. It felt like I'm opening another new chapter, new energy, new visions of the new me!

WOW! How could I be so optimistic about this. I am indeed surprised with what I've been thru during my first day of "30". Unbelievably, I'm so full of Smiles!! You may think that I am exaggerating here...but honestly, Why would I be?. :)

Despite of having a status of being 'Single' at this age, I did not find it so worrying as it was when I turned 28 and had not gotten married with whom i thought i would finally settled down with. Maybe, my focus has now shifted and I intend to enjoy myself as much as as I should and stop worrying about things that I could not control with my own two hands. As they say, "AGE IS JUST A NUMBER" and I'm practically thinking that way now. Probably, my worries will start at 40, but for as this moment in time, 30 is somehow, like the new 40. I mean, hey! Men often says that their lives starts at 40. So I guess then, Women should be having a life starting at the age of 30..right ladies? Since Women naturally are matured earlier than men, so eventually our lives could head on for an earlier start than men. Agree?? haha.....

Anyway, I've been thinking of changing my blog to its new look. Something 30-ish but still sleek , chic and elegant..hmmm..haven't found any gud thing yet but it'll takes time. Sheesh! Wish I am so gud with this web designing thingy so that I can make my own website with my own creations. ~dududuuduuduuuu~~ So Vain!

Okay, enuff babblings for today. Be back again..in a few days..or probably weeks..hahha but in the meantime, take care peeps :)
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Friday, November 14, 2008

The Escape.

Hellew peeps,

I've been neglecting my blog for quite awhile and I could not help but envy other bloggers who seemed to be constantly updating their blogs with full loyalty..hahaha...Honestly, I've been quite hooked with "face-booking" ...and the other things that needed to be done and so the lack of concentrating to this beloved blog of mine. So today, I spared my time to write something and somehow had no other ideas of what to say except to tell you guys the food galores that i've been having a lot lately...thus the gain of weight of a madamoiselle *erk* :p

Just last nite, my sister Oleev and I had a shopping to do and came across "Escapade". Sis Oleev was not a sushi lover but she does love the other japs food and so she could not help but crave for another Japanese dinner. Without wasting time, we head for "Escapade" in Kiulap. This is what we had for dinner:

Squid something..i forgot the dishes names heheh.

really! I only ate and dun even remember the dishes names :)

this i know..Chicken Ramen

Chicken Curry Udon

Matcha Ice Cream

After dinner, got back home and slept like a beauty *uhuk* for having such a scrumptious fullfilling dinner..hahahaa

That's all for today folks. See! I really haven't warmed up yet with my blogging and i couldnt come up with anything interesting yet. Till then, I'll be writing back in a few day time, hoping i could come up with something better than i have today heheheh :p

Gud nite peeps and take care!
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Friday, October 3, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2008

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

What's for Raya??

Hellew peeps!

Three more days to our big festive season...and that's Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Hoorey! I just came back from the Mall Gadong and ho boy!! Ain't there lots of people flocking around with last minute shopping. Everyone has a big smile on their faces, knowing that it's time to have new things and there's something to celebrate soon. Somehow it felt nice to see so many happy people and have to meet some familiar faces too.

Anyway, It's almost midnight now but I just could not sleep.These few days had been so chaotic for me. As the festive season is too near, there's just so much to do, but so little time. Tomorrow I'd be having another "Batik cake" session, the last batch I'll be making for this fasting month. Just the other day, I've already made about 48 pieces of the cake and it has been so exhausting , yet very satisfying. I love the finish product and the few comments that i had from my friends. Some had already gobbled up their cakes and did not preserve it for Hari Raya, in which the initial plan of the purchase was for the 'Day'. *wink*

The 'Batik Cake' is one of the essential cake that most people serve for Hari Raya. I had always loved this cake and it would have felt something missing if this cake was not served. It always reminded me of my childhood days when not so much fancy cakes were served compared to this modern times and back then, the Batik Cake has been always there on the menu. Nowadays, there's just so many versions of 'Batik cake' that the originality of it has somewhat faded. Some people had added horlicks, vico and even cream cheese for the newer versions of the Batik cake. Mine would be the middle ingredient and had a very chocolaty taste wise , good for chocolate lovers.

Actually, I never intended to have sales for this Raya, but upon huge requests from close friends, I just gave it a try. And my sales are at the moment, only around my closest circle of friends and not many people knew that I'm selling them, till the last minute ..hehehe sorry peeps, I could not expose the sales, as I, myself could not see myself in making more than 50 pieces, with all the other work burdens I'm having.Maybe next year then.

So the final product of my sales is what you can see here.

I haven't got a picture of the cake as you can see it's all wrapped up in a plastic so that it'll stays good till the festive season and can be kept into the fridge without getting any moist seeping into it.

By the way, I purchased some delightful biscuits for Hari Raya from a very talented 'Baker' and I just love her creations. Let the picture speaks :)

Nyummm... nyummm... I just love the sight of it. Okay peeps.. It's been a late night. My bed's calling me. Till then, Take care and nighty night ;p

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008



I'm totally trying to keep my eyes open for work today. Despite of being so sleepy, i managed to get off to work for almost 30 mins later than usual.

Hi peeps!

I've been missing again these few weeks and it's almost to the end of 'Ramadhan'. A lot of things happened but i lack the time to blog due to..again, lack of time [obviously] and lack of internet connection. I've been planning to get one soon.. hopefully by next month so till then.... just wait and see lah..heheehe.

Anyways, I slept for 3 hours last nite. Hari Raya is next week and I had finally finished packing cake orders from close friends. Didn't plan to make any sales actually but upon huge request, I did it anyway. Just one cake, a very cravingly chocolaty Batik Cake,in which, me and my friends had been drooling over lately. It's a bit different than the usual 'Batik Cake', more chocolate taste and easier to manage. I'll post the picture next time :)

Oh time is ticking, I got to go... sorry for this short post. I'll be back... hopefully :p

Take care and It's not too late to say "Happy Fasting".
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Saturday, August 30, 2008

El - Owe - You - Vee

Helleeww…. I think I’m in love.


Complicating yet Irresistable.

I had once loved a man and I thought there would be a happy ending. Unfortunately, He wasn’t mine. I knew it won’t last long to realize that it took a lot more than courage….

and time…….. and patience…..to stay in a relationship like this so I tried to moved on.

Searching for a new love isn’t an easy task. Having met a few others, none was a better person than the previous one. Well, to be honest, I like older men, not too old but mature. The one who could think maturely, who could lead me to a better life, the one who is settled…and I don’t mean in terms of financially {hmm..maybe a lil’ bit on that}, but more to what he thinks of life is.

Ironically, my environment is forcing me to change my perspective in men. I have to face reality. More young men came vibrantly around my life and it’s like feasting on new meat for dinner. Okay, I’m a tad exaggerating with that. Well, my point is, I had no choice. It’s like what they said…”the good husband type of guys were taken, the single available ones are either young, immature or worst, the ones you thought could be perfect…… are fags.” {okay, I added up a bit with that quote but then, you know what I mean, right?}

Anyway, experimenting my feelings toward the younger ones, I could only let myself liking them. Some things are just not there. I mean, hey! some of them are cute, and I even almost thought that I really liked this one guy, whom, almost looked like the person I had emotionally-confusing-unsettling “friendship” that I had involved a long time ago. Getting to know this guy, was somehow a thrill at first but melts away as time goes by. I could not react comfortably around him and the hardest thing is… he is young. Not only young in the sense of his features but the way he thinks, he talks and the way he is around me.. He is YOUNG in everything!!! In fact, it makes me feel older than I am supposed to be. Going 30 doesn’t mean you’re already 30 right? *wink*

Anyhow, back to what I had said in the first line…..I am in love. Yes.. falling in love again… with the same person that I shouldn’t have been with before… I’m still in love with him. And before, anyone says anything, Nope.. not in the sense that I’m back to the relationship { hopefully not!!} but for the time being, it’s more to the fact that.. .. my feelings for him had never faded and I am still in love with him. Not a single person has ever compared and it’s very hard to find a new love just like we had.

As they all said, “Love is blind” so I guess you only need sticks to get you around… so probably I need to search my stick then. :p.

The End.:p

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Homecoming Speech.

Hi peeps…

Silly madamoiselle can’t make up her mind and for five months she thought blogging is no more in her way but now intends to get her hands back to the keyboard and bore the wits out of her readers through this personal blog of hers.. I know it sounds so indecisive for me but you’ll understand…Nahhhh!!

Well, let me explain, in simple form:







Gee) and many more that you don’t want to know.

Life isn’t as hectic as it used to be now. So apparently, the extended unfulfilled times was rather filled with things that has to do with BED and the large TV screen that I’ve been hooked up so much lately.

Other than that, I’ve been trying to renovate myself slowly as the final years of the twenties is approaching to its end and had awoken me up to do something about myself. I know mademoiselle is such a lazy tart and hadn’t been bothered enough to polish up in since eight years ago with the beliefs of ‘Au-Natural’ will not wither its youth. DUH!!

So this has been quite a change…… a slow one that is.

Honestly, I am not promising for a constant updating of my blog here despite of the extra hours I may have, but who knows, right? It’s so hard to stop once you’re already into it. Now that I’ve finally settled a bit, and the fasting month is ahead by a few days, I hope everything would be going in just fine for me and for everyone else. I am very much looking forward for ‘Ramadan’, the fasting month for the Muslims Another reason to toning down the weight.. or probably the other way round..*erks!* hehehhe… just kidding. It’s just another reason for me to have shorter hours of work and early times to be back home…*Ooops*… Again, just kidding…

Okay people I gotta go. Signing off with loads of love. Have a Great Day!!

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Madamoiselle : Back for Good?

Hi Everyone!

Guess what?? I'm planning to come back blogging. When? I'm not sure :p
Maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, or probably next month...as I've said, I'm not sure but my plans is..I'LL BE BACK!! hehehe... The busy things that i needed to do has now been reduced and I've missed blogging a total lot! Sorry am not able to write much today but I'll blog when the time comes ... Have a great day :)!!
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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Madamoiselle: Au Revoir??

Dear Friends, Bloggers, Readers and All,

I've started entering this wonderful world of blogging since March 2007 last year and since then had started to fall in love with it. Though my first intentions to blog was for me to remember the things I've done in the future, How many foods I've eaten, how addicted I was to the movies,how deep my love life expressions could be, and how silly sometimes I tend to be and of course, how bad I was with my "grammars" and "Vocabs", but in the end, what I had gained most was how many new friends I've found and share with within this blog and others, without knowing them in person, without realizing the distance barrier we all had, without putting our race, religion or colour from preventing us to be in a loving and caring community. See how blogging gives a lot of effects inside each of us!!

As much as blogging has been part of my life, Sadly, I have to decline myself from "Madamoiselle ver2".... for I have another part of my life to be fulfilled. It's been a great pleasure to meet you all, my new founded friends. I would like to apologise to everyone for the "silence" in my blogs for the past two weeks and for not answering the questions of my absence in my blog. I am very much in a good health and my decision to end this blog now, was for my own personal reasons. Sorry for my sudden inevitable reason that i could not explain... And nope, I'm not getting married. hehehe...

Anyway, I would like to give my sincere apologise to everyone, to those who knows me and to those who don't, if any of my blog, my words, my comments, or anything that I do might upset you directly or unintentionally, please do forgive me. I hope everyone will have a wonderful time, in good health and best wishes. I might not blog here anymore but I'd probably drop in once in a while and visit you guys from your blogs.

Au Revoir.. It's been a pleasure!

Yours Truly,

xoxo Madamoiselle xoxo

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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Madamoiselle: Mode: HIATUS!

Hi Peeps!

I'm sorry for my sudden "Missing in Action" this week. It's been a hectic week with loads to do and I had my rollercoaster sickness again so I do apologise for my lack of updates. I'll be back within a few days, with gods will, once my life is back to normal. *wink*
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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Madamoiselle: Sick or Cashmere Mafia?

This week had been a rollercoaster for me. What kind of rollercoaster? I'd say a 'Health-Rollercoaster'.

What I meant is, at one point, I am as healthy as ever, no flu, no fever,no nothing, nada & suddenly, my temperature went high, then my headaches, continues with a running nose and comes to worst, with a bad cough. I took my meds, rub some ointments, wet the towel and place them on my forehead and try to get a good sleep. Then the next morning, everything was okay, no more fever or flu but just a lil cough. Night comes, my flu came back. Next day, flu was off but my coughing was getting worse. Then last nite, I was fine and so was this morning until after lunch, I got my headache back. I tried to bring myself to sleep for a rest but I could not sleep so I made mysef watch "Cashmere Mafia".

After watching 5 episodes, my headache has reduced but I got a pain at the back of my neck. Waaaahh, it made me feel so tired. But I'm already tired trying to rest myself on bed. Aaahh! I'm whining!!

Speaking of 'Cashmere Mafia', I have just started watching it today after robbing it out of a friend's hdd. Too bad, there's just 5 episodes so far and I'm waiting for 2 more, that is if I manage to steal it from hers again *wink*. Cashmere Mafia is a new series this year and nope it's not in Astro. I would not know this anyway, if my friend hadn't recommended it. I wish Astro would be more advanced. It's something like "SATC" with a mixture of "Desperate Housewife" but not actually both of 'em. Four women, 2 married, 2 singles and all are successfull with a lot of agendas. I actually like it.The clothes, the bags, the shoes, it's fashion just like SATC but in a different way.

"Four ambitious, sexy women who have been best friends since business school, Mia, Zoe, Juliet and Caitlin, try to have it all. They aren't just powerful and intelligent as singular executive sensations in a man's world; they've bonded into a formidable unit  a female "boys' club" -- to support and counsel each other through good times and bad. How better to climb up the corporate ladder than with your buddies at your side?

Set in glamorous New York City, where titans of media, finance, advertising and publishing reside, these driven women, who daily share their relatable and relevant problems dealing with both the boardroom and bedroom, combine their smarts, wit and humor to deal with personal and professional misfortunes and stunning triumphs. Whether it's coping with rocky marriages, fending off scheming colleagues or just trying to find themselves in the midst of chaotic lives, these compelling women use their valuable friendship to keep centered."

Feel tempted to watch this girls. You should! Go search for it and download. How? Don't ask me, I just steal hahaha.. okay that's an evil laugh. :p

p.s: Oh I feel a lil' lot better now when I blog. Weird!
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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Tip-Tips #1 : Lazy in the Office?

I think I'm getting addicted with these vids... In fact, I prefer these more than Youtubes. It's not the same though.

Here's some tips for those Lazy lads who got fedup with work or for those who really needs a break from office work without being noticed.

Okay, this next vid, is just for a laugh, if not a smile :)

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Madamoiselle: I love Ur Blog

Someone gave me this a few days ago.
Someone claimed that she loves my blog a few days ago.
Someone wrote that I would know that she'll always tagged me for sure.
And that Someone knows she's boosting up my "kambangness".
Please Someone, I don't want to take the throne of "Her Kambangness"
"Syii" may suffer a lot if I took her kambang away...

Okay, I exaggerated, In simple form: I was tagged by the sweet blogger friend of mine, None other but Zhoeee...wheeeee.... Thank you dear. I love your blog too!!

I'd love to pass this to the following fellow bloggers:

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Madamoiselle: Dan in Real Life

I know, I've just watched the "Vantage Point" yesterday, and today, I went to watch another movie again---> "Dan In Real Life". Talk about movie addict!

I was not sure with what the story was all about. We just crashed into the cinema and had only two choices to see. It's either, the 1hr 40 mins"Dan In Real Life" or the 2hrs 10 mins "Atonement". Since today, we didn't intend to have a long dragging movie and just needed a laugh, we chose the first one. The guy in the poster looked very familiar but I didn't realise it until the show starts. Dang! If I knew, it was him, I would have not watch it. Remember, the guy from the TV series "The Office". Yes, The irritating boss who thought he's the best boss and a motivator.And Yes, I hate that series, and as much annoying it is in "The office", He is indeed very annoying in "Dan In Real Life". Somehow, his characters in both shows are very similar. or maybe that was just him.

So, for my review on this movie, truthfully, despite the boring start of the show, I slowly get to like it by the end of it. It's really hard for me to finally like it but somehow, they manage to make me not hating it at the last half hour of the show. And for sure, It does make you in tears. The movie is more about the story of love, family bondings, trust, and life. I like the main point that the movie is trying to deliver, I just wish it's not Steve Carell. His character just so reminded me of "The-Boss-in-The-Office". One thing for sure, I hate it when he says 'WOW!' He did that all the time in "The Office" too. My overall rating for this one is a 5.5 out of 10.

Dan Burns is a single father who dedicates his life to his children, but one day he meets Marie at a bookstore. They get to know each other, but then Dan finds out that Marie is actually dating his brother, Mitch Burns.
1hr 40mins, SRD, Comedy, Drama and Romance
Steve Carell, Juliette Binoche, Dane Cook, John Mahoney, Emily Blunt
Directed by: Peter Hedges

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Madamoiselle: Vantage Point

Finally, I got time to go to the movies again and this time, went for "Vantage Point" that I heard so many times that it was a really good one. Indeed, for me, it was a thumbs up. My sisters weren't please enough with the rewinds and flashbacks but I don't mind about it cause it does gave a unique experience to view different points of what is going on with the scenes. As more flashbacks were played, the more you'll get the answers to all the confusions and it's true if you don't see from all aspects, you'll tend to make wrong assumptions and the results were actually surprising. Still, the downside of it is the ending of the movie, like I went like "That's just it?!!" But then, I also think that it's a clever plot. Overall, I rate it a 8 out of 10.


Movie Pic

Thomas Barnes (Dennis Quaid) and Kent Taylor (Matthew Fox) are Secret Service agents assigned to protect President Ashton (William Hurt) at a landmark summit on the global war on terror. When President Ashton is shot moments after his arrival in Spain, chaos ensues. In the crowd is Howard Lewis (Forest Whitaker), an American tourist video taping the event to show his kids. There is also Rex (Sigourney Weaver) an American TV news producer who is reporting on the conference. We follow each person's perspective of the same 15 minutes before and immediately after the shooting to get to the terrifying truth behind the assassination attempt.

1hr 30mins, SRD, Thriller / Drama
Dennis Quaid, Matthew Fox, William Hurt, Forest Whitaker, Sigourney Weaver
Directed by: Pete Travis

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Monday, February 25, 2008

Madamoiselle : Weekend Food Galore?

I've made this 2 days back. A new experiment and a knock out..hahaha.. I love cheese, I love chocolate and this is my new love. A simple mini chocolate cupcakes frosted with cream cheese. Brought this to my siblings, and I've already been booked for a baking session this Friday. Well, actually, I've already been booked when baking this hehehe... I'm hoping to try new recipes in the future. I wish I got all the time and a well equipped kitchen to accommodate my new love affair..."Baking & Cooking." Ghee....

Last night, Dad knocked on my door. He asked me if I could make pizza for dinner. *chuckle* That was a surprise for me actually. He hardly makes requests. I can hardly even treat him for a jolly good eating out without him saying to me " Try not to waste your money and save it." Dads!!

So I made his favourite "Honey-Chicken Pizza". Luckily, the pizza base was still available in the fridge. I just have to make the toppings. But that's just not it. I got into a mood to prepare more. I had a baguette sitting in the fridge and my mom loves garlic bread. So I made that too and in addition to that, made Baked Tuna-Mayo topping for the left over baguettes for varieties. And I end up making baked mashed potato too. That's what we get to have for dinner last nite. Not that we always have this :) Unfortunately, I only managed to snap my Baked Tuna Mayo Baguettes to show here.

With lots of Cheese...nyummm...

Oh, Since I'm talking about food, I made these for lunch too, yesterdays lunch that is. Didn't take pictures of the whole food, just the ones I made though hehe...


Home-made salad dressing

Steamed Tom Yam Fish

I gotta go now. I'm not feeling that cheery actually. That's why I need to post this food galore ... just to keep my mind away from unwanted things. Anyway, I hope you have a better days than mine. Take care peeps.

Au revoir! Bon Nuit!
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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Madamoiselle : The Dream Gadget Meme

I've been given a "homework" by the 'latingzz' teacher Miss Zhoe Wynz and I'm trying to finish it up a.s.a.p before teacher-teacher smack me hard on my bubbly baby cheeks. hahaha.. Okay, it's just a tag of my Dream Gadget that i've wanted to get them, one day or never. Hmmm... That, made me think...errr...I want everything..hahaha... talk about Greed!!

Truthfully, I've already neglected the knowledge of knowing the latest gadgets that I really want these days. Not that I'm saying I already have it all, but all I can say is, I'm already soooo sooo outdated with this gadget thingy. I used to buy those magazines of "STUFFS" and err..I forgot the other gadget mags that I used to read a lot. And I had always drooled over the featured stuffs in those mags just like any normal guy would drool over "Playboy". *cracks!*

Anyway, I know I had always dreamt of having this one thing that I had always liked. Actually, it's not a thing, it's more of a brand that I had always liked and I know I could hardly ever get it unless I'm super rich. Definitely gonna get it when I'm super-duper rich. I know, I know, such a taste are just dreams. Dreams might come true, you know..*wink*.

Well, I have always been fascinated with Audio-Visual and I had always wanted to have my own big TV area that I can watch like in the movies and the sound quality of a big Theatre. Yes, I wanted a Home Theatre. Not a normal one, but really modern, sleek, high quality, funky, unclustered types. And I know there's one such brand that really matches it all.

Ever heard of Bang & Olufsen? Normally known as B&O for short. I love their stuffs. I had fallen in love with them since my first touch, feel, and my first sight of them few years back. It was definitely tested and proven. They always had such sleek designs and when you play the music, it felt complete. You don't need a junky big woofers to have such beautiful heart thumping beat. The designs were very original and other brands have been trying to copy their styles but never come near to perfect.

Beosound 3200, my love at first sight, feel and listen.

I found a clip of advertisement on their product in youtube. You should see how cool they are.

I wish! Oh I wish! For more information about B&O, here's the "LINK"

So, who should I tag this to... Tagging this to LB, Babette and Frustrated Writer :) Tell me your dream gadgets. Hope this won't be a big task for you.

Note: This post is not a promotional ads, I'm just recommending my views of my favourite stuffs..hehehe.. and I was tagged so this is my answer for the tag. Sorry to confuse any of you if you think I'm advertising this hahaha... Okay, B&O, I think I should have credits for this ;p.

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Madamoiselle: Make Love, Not War

Make Love, Not War!!!

Catchy, ain't it? Don't you think it's better to 'Make Love' rather than to 'Make War'? Catch my drift? LOL..okay I'm not trying to make fun of this, it's just coincidental *grin*.

Make love not War
"When we feel love and kindness toward others, it not only makes others feel loved and cared for, but it helps us also to develop inner happiness and peace. " The Dalai Lama

Seriously, This is a great meme. I was tagged by her highness, The perfume Queen herself, none other but Mariuca, @ the Genie princess.

I'm giving my full support on this meme and eventhough, some of you might think that this meme is just another meme without a purpose. Think twice, a small thing can change the world even from its tiniest effort. War had been around for decades around the globe and we'd never know were it'll landed next. Think about yourself, think about your families, think about your friends, then think if all of you were placed in those War zone areas. It's never a good scenario. If you can't imagine that, then just watch the movie "Rambo 4" and imagine you were one of the villagers, [not Rambo himself ;p].. okay, that was one lame example but it works, right? Nobody wants to be in that situation. Innocent people were sacrificed and we should be united to prevent this. So, even if we could not do a big thing about it, we could at least, remind ourselves that war was never kind and we all need to make LOVE.

The rules:

1. If you get tagged or not (and want to play along), take some minutes to meditate about love and peace, pray for countries that are facing troubles, for those people you love and those you don’t.
2. Write a post with links to blogs that you think would like to participate.
3. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme.

Wow! Did I just type all that? Okay , I think I've been quite patriotic with our National today that I got carried away..hahaha.. that's new :) A perfect timing to get this meme eih!

Anyhow, I 'd like to tag this meme to the peeps of the bloggings aka:

Zhoe, Syii, Irmak & Alexis
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Madamoiselle: The Eye

After a long baking session, I managed to reward myself to watch a new movie "The Eye" at The Mall Cinema in Gadong today. There were actually 2 movies that I wanted to watch but to the last minute, I chose "The Eye" because Jessica Alba was in it and I just love her.

A warning I would like to tell you out there, if you have a problem with heart attack, Don't watch this. It's a horror-suspense movie, horror wasn't the issue but the suspense was like...it made you jump off your seat and it's not once or twice but several times. hehehe.. especially if you're watching it with high blast volumes like the cinema does. ;p

My say, I like it. I thought it would be predictable and would end in a non satisfying way but I was wrong. It went well and ended just perfectly....for me that is. Jessica had played her role wonderfully and I would have enjoyed the whole movie if the guys behind me would just zipped their lips all the way. It was rather annoying with all their stupid remarks although I do not understand one bit what they were saying cause it sounded 'indian'. By the end of the movie, I get to see the faces but I was confused. They looked like a 'Filipino' but their conversation sounded very 'Indian'. Totally confused!

Anyway, my overall rating for this movie is a 7.5 out of 10.

Sydney Wells is an accomplished concert violinist who has been blind since a childhood tragedy. Sydney undergoes a double corneal transplant, and her sight is restored. But Sydney's happiness is short-lived as unexplainable shadowy and frightening images start to haunt her. Are they a passing aftermath of her surgery, Sydney's mind adjusting to sight, a product of her imagination, or something horrifyingly real? As Sydney's family and friends begin to doubt her sanity, Sydney is soon convinced that her anonymous eye donor has somehow opened the door to a terrifying world only she can now see.

Starring: Jessica Alba, Alessandro Nivola, Parker Posey, Chloe Grace Moretz, Tamlyn Tomita

Genres: Suspense/Horror, Thriller and Remake
Running Time: 1 hr. 37 min.

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