Monday, July 30, 2007

Madamoiselle & Invisible Target

:: Movie Talk ::

Back to the cinemas, Madame watched a full action movie aka Hong Kong movie of the ~ Invisible Target ~ (男兒本色) today. Watched the 5pm show and expected a heart-thumping martial arts to see and yup, my wish was granted. Although the main actors of the movies aren’t so familiar [coz I don’t feel like seeing familiar faces, don’t ask me why coz I really don’t have the answers] but they were all good.

Anyway, main actors are Nicholas Tse, Shawn Yue and Jaycee Chan. I just knew that Jaycee Chan is actually he son of Jackie Chan and how naïve was I not knowing about that, till i saw the face and say like “ Hmmm…I thought I know him from somewhere!” It’s like the virgin version of Jackie with a long face. Hehehe…

The story was something of a mixture of cops vs mafia’s with an add of revenge for love, pride and justice, with a tad of greediness , unexpected masterminds and the most noticeable events, that is too much waste of glass breaking…hahaha! Guess glass is so cheap in Hong Kong.

Overall, its a good movie to watch as I’ve been neglecting Hong Kong movies for a while since my crave for Korean movies. I’ll rate it to 8 out of 10. Why? Coz a fren even tried to hold the urge to go to the loo till the end of the movie so that she won’t miss a thing about it, which was so unlikely of her.

Here’s the Trailer of the movie.

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Friday, July 27, 2007

Madamoiselle & The Simpsons

::edited again on 29th July 2007::
:: Movie Talk ::

~Simpsons The Movie ~

Yup, watched this movie yesterday and it was hilarious. The last time i've ever had a big laugh in the movies was when watching "Blades of Glory". Such fun to let it out though some might have been irritated with our loudmouth-laughter. Sorry to the peeps in the cinema, We couldn't help it, it's just dumb funny and that made it burst the hell out of us. 'Steady...Steady...ouch!!! Aaarrrgghh!!! Hahaha!! errrkk!!!' Sorry to the guy who sneak to have a look at us for laughing too much. "Run!run!run! snap! jump!jump!jump! snap! rest!rest!rest! snap!" And sorry to everyone who was laughing with us but was overshadowed by our hysteric laughter HAR HAR HAR!

I got into the simpson's website and this is what i've discovered and created.
a simpsons version of madamoiselle. Cool!! You can recreate your own version of the simpson family from the simpsons avatar in
Have a try and better watch the movie guys, its worth the luff!

Sneaked snapshots / Scenes taken from the cinema


:: Food Talk! ::

Went to WYWY's latest branch in Bengkurong for dinner.

Scenes at the restaurant

Quarter eaten Sizzling Japanese Tofu hehehe!!

Sizzling Fish in Ginger soya sauce

What Soup?? Forgot meh!
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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Madamoiselle & Indo Mee Goreng

:: Food Talk ::

Hi ya peeps!!

Curious bout my title eih? Let me ask you,

::Where can you find the best indo mee goreng here in Brunei?::

Nope....Not at home but .....Okay let me rephrase that ~>

::Which restaurant can you find the best indo-mee goreng in Brunei?::

Hah! That's more like it. For those who loves this typical "indonesian's fast food noodles" I tell you there's this restaurant that serves it and one taste of it, i guarantee you'll wanna go back to this place again and again.

My sister had introduced me to this place and it was no love at first sight. hehehe.... Well, to be honest, it's not a fancy-schmancy restaurant, neither is it a famous-amos-cool-zone cafe... for sure, when i first came, i was like " Err... okay, i don't expect a very superb-yummy-nyummy food to be available in a place like this!" I mean ... it looks like a typical normal kampong restaurant or more like a coffee shop, nothing special. I don't mean to under estimate the place but as i've said, if you see the place, it doesn't seem like it's special than any other restaurants..Nope you won't fell in love with the place in first sight.

Anyway, i was told that the Indo-mee goreng was the best here. I asked my sistah, What's so special bout this food and She said just wait and see. So we ordered one for each, and waited patiently for it. Within few minutes, we had a plate of indo mee goreng served with a small bowl of soup and "kuah kicap". And that, my sistah said pointing to the "kuah kicap", is the special recipe for the indo mee goreng. Believe me, i was like " Adey! kicap biasa jua ni mcm kicap untuk lauk salai!" But she insist me to pour the "kicap over my indo mee goreng and Wahlaaa..... sekali merasa nyamaaaan kali ah!!. Totally unbelievable, two normal type of food, when eaten individually tastes so normal but when u mixed it, the taste blends so well that you just don't believe that its just indo mee goreng.

Actually the Indo mee goreng was refried with all the pastes and they mix vegetables to it. They use 2 packets of indo mee per serving and its definitely very filling. One set indo mee goreng costs about $2.00 only. I always ordered for Indo-mee ayam goreng that costs around $3.50 as it has an additional ayamg goreng to it and also ordered telur mata lembu so make it a total of $4. Still an affordable yummy filling meal. You guys better try it.

Ooops!!! Two bad news though...firstly, i have no evidence to prove how yummy the food's sorry..haven't took any picture of it coz i've always forgotten to take one as it is so tempting. And secondly, I dun remember the restaurant's name even though i've tried remembering it everytime i went there. I can only tell you that its sumwhere along Jalan Mulaut, there's a sign showing Salon wanita and a vegetable stall is in front of it. Not around the Mulaut abbatoir its like about 5mins drive or maybe 10 mins from the sengkurong T junction traffic to the road that leads to Kg Mulaut or to Kg Masin. Sorry folks, my bad for not able to tell you where. Its quite hard to explain it even to my friends untill i brought them there. Everyone i brought to the restaurant just loves the indo mee goreng and had been craving for it eversince. Teeeheee!! Okay if i go there again, I'll try to remember the restaurants name and take the pic of it ok. sorry!!

One confession.... i've just been there after work just now with my sistah..hehehe!! Still forgotten to take note of the place and take pics.

So hey, I got the name of the restaurant and its called "Restoran Fa Hismar" .Not a very familiar name yeah. And i got the number too, in case i need a pre-order food for take-away which i had today for lunch...addiction my colleague and i had... Smiles proudly for an ultimate unhealthy lunch.. :p
::Edited on the 28th July 2007::

What else about today?? A long queue occured along the sengkurong road near Tanjung Bunut Kanan. Thought, there was an accident but Not! The pics below say it all.

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

big gursls dun cry

lovin' this... Big gurls dun cry but i do waaaaa..... hehehe!!!

It doesn't sound "Fergie" at all.. but i 'm loving it.
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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Madamoiselle & Love is Cinta

:: Movie Talk ::


Has anyone watched the movie ~LOVE IS CINTA~ already? I did.. just after work this afternoon at the Empire cinema. So.... how was it for you guys? Me?... Well, the movie was not as I've been expected, honestly, I can't help giving scornful remarks during the movies. Some parts of the movie were okay but at most i found it unrealistic. I thought the movie was a serious sad romantic movie, ya know something like ~CINTA PERTAMA~, but it started to get ridiculous when the bald guy in black who was supposed to be like what?.... an "angel" or was he the "grim reaper " appeared in the scene. Then everything was dragging about Ryan@Donni trying to prove to Cinta that he is Ryan throughout the whole scenes. Another thing that bothers me is the other guy, what-his-name, a fren who likes cinta, he was charming in the 1st place but i got sick with his attitude in the latter part where i feel that he's been really pathetic, apa nya org "Syiok sendiri" trying to win over Cinta with his songs... come on!! All the time?!! And the worse scene ever was when it's time for Ryan to go to "Heaven" and he embraces Cinta, Floating in the air like a Fairy tale movie... what the heck! It's a FANTASY MOVIE , a teenage dream fantasy movie...oh heck, it IS meant for the teenagers i should have known. The story could have been a very good sad movie if it was made realistically. Boy! I'm frustrated.

But then, despite all that, there's also some funny side of it, especially when Donni went back home and thought "PA" was his father but actually was none other than his supposed to be Gay partner..hmm..Sugar daddy i guess...euuwhhh!! It gave me the creeps when he tried to snog with Donni. But it was a funny scene too hahaha!! Other than that, i'm loving the Donni actor, he is soooo talented, he has a 1000 faces, you know, he really can have so many expressions...a very very good actor i can say. He's just damn good.

Oh well, overall it was just an okay movie. I'll rate it 6/10, and that, being not "stingy"..hehehe

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Madamoiselle & Miri

:: Going Somewhere!! ::

Hi ya all,

Yesterday, as ya all know was a public holiday for all of us [especially for myself] in commemorate with the Birthday of His Majesty, The Sultan of Brunei. But I'm not gonna talk bout the celebrations now just yet but will be talking about what i did for the holiday. I don't usually enjoy much of holidays before, as i was too workaholic to do anything but work, work , work at these times or at other times, Sleep and rest at home, doing nothing but rest. But this year was different, i'm taking light on work and began enjoying life as i'm supposed to have. And Tadaaa..., I've managed to reduce my stress level and trying to have a healthy life in a slow pace by enjoying places that i've been so looong neglected to stroll around and relax. In the past 3 months, my friends and i started having "lepaks" at Serasa Beach almost every weekends. Then, we tried on going further to strolling around Tutong town and beaches, then to Belait town and even went to Labuan for an extra pleasure of being relaxed! [My ol'frens juz couldn't believe that "I-GOT-TIME" doing all these as i was known to "No-Holiday-Or-Weekends" kind of person.]

So what i actually did for yesterday, was also none other but to go to a place that i've been neglecting to go in the past few years --> MIRI. Really!! It's been like years that i've last set foot in that place and it felt good to come back and enjoy what every bruneian seems to enjoy going there for. We started heading to our destination early morning [ early for moi dat is] at around half past six in the morning and arrived around eight-ish ,with an unbearable hunger in the stomach . Of course, first thing to do is to fill up the tummy. Once full, we headed for the workshops for my car to get a lil' fix. Not that my car had any big problems, just needs an add of botox to upgrade its beauty...hah! Not! hehehe... Half day was used up for this and we felt hungry again and went to Imperial to have lunch and shop. Then, to Parkson and shop for more and played bowling too. T'was fun yet exhausting so we finally rest at Coffee Bean, in which tha place was really nice and spacious compare to the ones in Brunei. Time was 5pm by then, and we have yet anther destination to go which is the "Miri Public Park @ Taman Awam Miri". It is beautiful. That's the first time i went there but i'm lovin it. I know it has been there for years but as what bruneians do, we always go to Miri for shopping, and not touring around the town. What i love about the park is the "Hanging Bridge", although i didn't manage to further walk to the long length of the bridge due to our crazy fren who jumped and ran all the way on the bridge, leaving me and my fren, stopped at the deck and just watch him go.

As the sun sets down, we went to the beach and enjoy the wind, the sun and the view. Although the beach is still under renovation, but we had a peaceful time with a panoramic view of the sunset.

ur on candid!

Titanic wannabe!!

:: Food Talk::

To end the day, went to Al'Fresco, a restaurant thats serves yummy nyummy fried calamaris and Baked clams. Enjoying every taste of it.

We finally set of back to Brunei, when we ran into a long queue near the miri immigration post. Took us almost an hour an a half to just get off from the Brunei immigration post and came home around 11pm. Was so exhausted that I dozed straight off after a late shower...aaaahh.....nyaman tido kali aaahh...hehehe...
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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Madamoiselle & Sex and The City

:: Season-Series Talk ::

Hi ya all,

Recently, i had this new addiction of watching the somehow-long-ago famous HBO series of "Sex and the City". Sold at the famous-amos "Communist shop" as it was known, i bought the first season for trial and began watching it like an addiction for just in two nights. I remember watching a few episodes in HBO but since i missed most of the series i don't really get what it was all about. Too naive was I to understand that time that it was all just about "Sex" and the "city" itself, and all i could only remember that its sort of hilarious its own way. Now that i get to see the whole picture, i'm loving the story more. It was not just about "sex" but it was more of a story bout :MEN: dealing with all the different male hormones, bout :LOVE: handling situations of the love in reality, and also bout :FRIENDSHIP: how four different strong characters live the life in the city together being a WOMEN and of course :FASHION: all those designers stuffs especially the SHOES!! It's heaven!. I truly fall for the love story between Carrie and Mr Big. It was all emotional like a Rollercoaster.

Well, anyway, so far I've watched till the 3rd season already. 2 more seasons and its over... Heard that, there'll be a Movie of The Sex and The City,probably out by the end of this year or was it next year. Hmmm... that'll be the peak i'll be looking forward to.

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Monday, July 9, 2007

Je T'aime Madamoiselle ?

Hellew people,

Having back to the blogging world, I've realised how lots of changes happening around the Blogging Nation in the past 2 months! New blogs are booming like mushrooms and surprisingly, frequent fav. bloggers seems to settle down from blogging. [hmm....too much of "blog"words here..]
Wow! Time do flies so fast. It feels weird seeing all the new bloggers around.... pretty kewl though, am able to "stalk" more blogs with the varieties of stuffs offered :p...


Anyway, Life of my own changes as the world does, well more to my love life that is. The month of June had been like a World Love Life crisis for almost everyone i know and that includes myself. Confusions, Decisions, Risks and Pain, Rebounds and more Confusions led my world to full Unexpectations and more Acceptance to what Fate has to give. Trying to remember a quote saying that "Once a door is closed, another opens for more opportunities ", little do i know that it could happened in just a short time. After so many months of indecisive thoughts of leaving "The One", I didn't realised within a transaction of time, had i left him believing "The Other" had opened my heart to being able to accept the likeliness of having to fall in love again. Gosh!! after re-reading my sentence on that... couldn't believe how serious i was with the words. Pardon me if none of you understand it. It's been tough to let out what have been through. For sure, Leaving "The One" was a huge sacrifice i had to make for the sake of our own. And for another sure thing, "The Other" has somehow becomes a "Rebound" i needed to ignore. Whatever!

I need a break! I don't like the tone of my seriousness in my blog doesn't sounded Moi. So guess i'll write another day then Bon Nuit!
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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Madamoiselle **The Return** ver 2

Bonjour Peeps,

After having a a very long break in blogging, I came back with frustration for not being able to log into my own BLOG aka Madamoiselle. Why? My email had gone to its R.I.P state [..$#@*%4ck..]

Well, anyway, my return has come with the version 2 of Madamoiselle. I'm back, yes, back to blogging nonsensically, whatever is in mind and had duplicate my other inactive blog's template (Le Film Goddess) to this new blog of Moi. Can't help luving this template. Hope after this, i don't need to make another version of madamoiselle..geesh!

Have a nice day!
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