Thursday, August 23, 2007

Madamoiselle & her Random-ness #3

:: The Crappy side of a Modified Car ::

I am not a professional critic, neither am I an expert on this topic. But when you see or hear things thats ugly or crap, One does not need to be a professional or an expert to criticize,right? Ugly, i can bear but crap modifications are merely impossible to tolerate. So how do i define "crap"?

1. When u got into one's car and you'll be riding it like a fast-forwarded horse ride , all humping and thumping, bouncing off your body fats like a wobbly jellybean. That is what you call crap!

2. While you were driving your car, then suddenly came a bright shining "Light" that super exposed your front and side mirror as if the whole stadium spotlight shines through your car, only to find, a mini charade passes you by when you give way. That is what you call crap!

3. When you heard a loud sound as if it farted the whole town, only to find, after 10 mins later, a run down 1980's metalpiece zooming down the road like an F1 race is in progress.That is what you call crap!

4. When you saw a fully modified car, obviously cool and a good thumbs up but the car was driven too slow, like a turtle having its afternoon walk on a deserted highway, only to find, the driver being given a full "blow" ....well, That is what you call crap! That counts too you know! hehehe...

Really, no wonder Brunei needed a strict rule on car modifications. Some people just couldn't help it by overdoing their masterpieces. Crap no.1 & 2 is a total turn offs while crap 3 & 4 has its humor and i cracked when i came across 'em. So anyone has a better idea that can defeat my definition of "crap" about car modifications? Please do have your say. :)

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