Thursday, August 9, 2007

Madamoiselle & MOD


Feel very sleepy today. I'm at work but my mind's not working that well. Boy! Stomach full, just ate too much of fatty foods wif frens for lunch :Lamb, fries, butter prawns, fried chicken wings, Fried name it. FRIED aka FATTY!! Nope, no pictures taken for that. I don't appreciate what i ate today so, yeah, no fatty food pictures. [ Like all this time my foods weren't fatty enuff heheheh!!]

:: Food Talk ::

Okay, time to update my "Yesterday's Story" i'm meaning to jot in here. Last friday, well, this story is really ol i'd say, moi and Mr.&Mrs Meow went to the MOD Thai restaurant. I love the decor they had..really cozy. I'd vote it the best looking Thai Restaurant so far. Simple but nice!

Food-wise, if you like Lemongrass restaurant, this is just another branch of it...better in menus and environment. I, of course had always love the food but unfortunately, the new foods we'd like to try that day was not available.

So here's what we ate finally;

Starter, they serve this...

Chicken rice

Fried Tanghoon Seafood

Fried Rice Something??

p.s : Next on blogging... Cats in shop!!

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