Saturday, August 11, 2007

Madamoiselle & The diary **Learning Life**

:: The Diary - C'est Lavie ::

" Dear Diary, It's a saturday. And it's a holiday! A public holiday for Isra' Mikraj. What i'll be doing today? No plans yet. Made lunch just now and had a brunch. Woke up late and it's already too late for breakfast. So made myself food and ate with the maids. Parents not home. Had gone out for something. I was never to know whats on in the homies. I was hardly home that's why. Even if i did, I'll be in my room, doing my own thing, a loner, a solitude...that's been my life these few years. A different person at home, another life outside. Why is that so? Life has been tough. Life taught me to prevent unnecessary things. Why talk? When talk can just give you pain. Being quite is just the solution. Mind my own business and i don't need to bear the things i don't want to hear or see. I don't want to cry. I just do what makes me happy. And that's all happening, in my room and outside home. Poor dad, I love him, but i just can't get through him anymore. Everyone else left him, I cannot leave him. He's my dad, and he's in pain. We are all in pain for years. But it's not all his fault. It's fate. God create this situation.. to make us all strong at heart, to teach us, not to forget in happiness but to remember in sorrow. That's how people learn. Learn from our mistakes....that we should know! Yet,not everyone knows and thats why pains never heals. And all is left.....are answers kept in heart, never brought up questions that can lead to fear. Fear of breaking hearts. Fear of Sorrow. Fear of the Past. I got to go. I'll write to you soon. Good bye!"

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