Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Taste of Tom yam.

Hellew peeps,

A friend of mine has just opened up a restaurant and a bunch of us decided to drop by to have a taste of their chef's cooking, the husband himself, who is the main owner of the place. The place is located opposite of Hua Ho Delima, in which unfortunately...I've forgotten to ask for the restaurant's name...*erk* Sorry meymey :) . But it's easy to find, no doubt, and I promise I have to ask the owner the name of the restaurant and keep posted ; much of a promotion eih!! hehehe....

Anyway, at the first impression of going to the place, We're a bit's like being in a Restaurant city when you started up a new restaurant..but this one in level 4-5.hahaha... no offense's a new restaurant...dun worry you'll build up as time goes......just like in RC. ;p

So here's the pics of what we had :

Fried Rice Tom Yam...Most recommended...I didn't ordered this but my friend but i do have a good taste of it ..totally delicious. I actually crave for this dish this morning out of the blue :p Am going to have this if i drop by next time:p

Fried Chicken Tom Yam. This is what i ordered and it taste good too but with a bit of an improvment. It's like having a chicken tom yum soup but less soupy. I like the taste of the chicken but for my comment, this one suits best if the tom yam sauce is a bit thicker...coz it'll blend more with the rice if it has a thicker sauce. but otherwise, not so bad :)

Wet Fried Kue Tiaw with sunny side up egg. I'm not a big fan of Wet noodles but i give credits for this. It's simple but very tasty. The sauce is thinner than the usuals but definitely blends well with the tastebud.

There's more in the menus that we'd love to try such as their 50cents "Nasi lemak Pusu". The aroma of this nasi lemak pusu were inviting but we didn't get a taste of it. Another dish that i find unique is their "Nasi Goreng with Ikan Liking". They even have kid's meal and the prices are reasonable. So Have a try peeps.... I'll let you know the name once i got it :)

To the owner, Good luck with the business...hope it'll develop to level 20++ hahaha..ingat RC wakakaka.....

*updated on 30/06/2009

Hellew promised ..though it's late...just to let you know that the restaurant's name is MOJAYA's Restaurant..... :))) nda ja mey?? heheheh......

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