Saturday, September 27, 2008

What's for Raya??

Hellew peeps!

Three more days to our big festive season...and that's Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Hoorey! I just came back from the Mall Gadong and ho boy!! Ain't there lots of people flocking around with last minute shopping. Everyone has a big smile on their faces, knowing that it's time to have new things and there's something to celebrate soon. Somehow it felt nice to see so many happy people and have to meet some familiar faces too.

Anyway, It's almost midnight now but I just could not sleep.These few days had been so chaotic for me. As the festive season is too near, there's just so much to do, but so little time. Tomorrow I'd be having another "Batik cake" session, the last batch I'll be making for this fasting month. Just the other day, I've already made about 48 pieces of the cake and it has been so exhausting , yet very satisfying. I love the finish product and the few comments that i had from my friends. Some had already gobbled up their cakes and did not preserve it for Hari Raya, in which the initial plan of the purchase was for the 'Day'. *wink*

The 'Batik Cake' is one of the essential cake that most people serve for Hari Raya. I had always loved this cake and it would have felt something missing if this cake was not served. It always reminded me of my childhood days when not so much fancy cakes were served compared to this modern times and back then, the Batik Cake has been always there on the menu. Nowadays, there's just so many versions of 'Batik cake' that the originality of it has somewhat faded. Some people had added horlicks, vico and even cream cheese for the newer versions of the Batik cake. Mine would be the middle ingredient and had a very chocolaty taste wise , good for chocolate lovers.

Actually, I never intended to have sales for this Raya, but upon huge requests from close friends, I just gave it a try. And my sales are at the moment, only around my closest circle of friends and not many people knew that I'm selling them, till the last minute ..hehehe sorry peeps, I could not expose the sales, as I, myself could not see myself in making more than 50 pieces, with all the other work burdens I'm having.Maybe next year then.

So the final product of my sales is what you can see here.

I haven't got a picture of the cake as you can see it's all wrapped up in a plastic so that it'll stays good till the festive season and can be kept into the fridge without getting any moist seeping into it.

By the way, I purchased some delightful biscuits for Hari Raya from a very talented 'Baker' and I just love her creations. Let the picture speaks :)

Nyummm... nyummm... I just love the sight of it. Okay peeps.. It's been a late night. My bed's calling me. Till then, Take care and nighty night ;p

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008



I'm totally trying to keep my eyes open for work today. Despite of being so sleepy, i managed to get off to work for almost 30 mins later than usual.

Hi peeps!

I've been missing again these few weeks and it's almost to the end of 'Ramadhan'. A lot of things happened but i lack the time to blog due to..again, lack of time [obviously] and lack of internet connection. I've been planning to get one soon.. hopefully by next month so till then.... just wait and see lah..heheehe.

Anyways, I slept for 3 hours last nite. Hari Raya is next week and I had finally finished packing cake orders from close friends. Didn't plan to make any sales actually but upon huge request, I did it anyway. Just one cake, a very cravingly chocolaty Batik Cake,in which, me and my friends had been drooling over lately. It's a bit different than the usual 'Batik Cake', more chocolate taste and easier to manage. I'll post the picture next time :)

Oh time is ticking, I got to go... sorry for this short post. I'll be back... hopefully :p

Take care and It's not too late to say "Happy Fasting".
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