Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Madamoiselle & Fitness Zone

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In the past few weeks, My youngest sistah, Oleev, have been telling me stories about her activities in Fitness Zone at Kiulap eversince joining the membership. After much persuasion from her tall-tales, I finally gave in to try the place. Luckily, my sister manage to get us a free 3 days trial to check out the place. Together with my usual partners in "Jalan-Jalan" Mr & Mrs Meow, the three of us head for the place with 50/50 enthusiasm.

My first impression of the place was ~ i think i'm going to like it! It seems like its a huge place but once got in, it's just OK, big enuff for comfortability. Up to the stairs, We're welcomed by the receptionists. I like the decor of the place, simple , clean and modern. I wasn't able to take pictures of the whole area but will show just a few later.[Not much though!]. We met my sister, Oleev, at the reception, as she had come earlier and gave us a pre-tour around the place. Its a three floor gym, divided for everyones comfort. On the third floor,there's a women's zone which i like, where ladies can have their own space of exercising if they're not at ease at the open mixed area. Only the space is small with limited machines. Even the guys have their own space on the 2nd floor. They also have a big hall for different games to play aka basketball & badminton. We tried their treadmills & a few of their machines but lastly ended up playing badminton in the hall. I want to try the dance classes but was already so hooked up in playing the badminton that i turned down the offer by my sis. Two hours at the gym, we stopped. Moi and Mrs Meow were already all drained out. Not FIT I'd say.. hehehe...

Overall, i love the place IF its not fully packed with people [ like today] and IF only the membership fees were much more cheaper.. :p

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