Saturday, September 1, 2007

Madamoiselle & The Invasion

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Yesterday afternoon, I get to watch "The Invasion"movie mainly acted by Nicole Kidman. It's a story about some kind of alienated virus that spreads thru human, looks like a transparent jelly like thing which has veins in it and this "thing" spreads through either by drinking it or being vomitted to the face. [as in the movie..Really!! T'was euuwhh!!! ] Anyway, the virus would only be active after the ones that had been infected were to sleep within 24hrs or was it 48hrs?? hmmm... i must have not concentrated much watching this movie as I was expecting it would be more of an action movie. A big chase, something dramatic. I saw the trailer the other day and seems that i had misunderstood the trailer and i hadn't read the synopsis yet...hehehe.... So all I could say is, the movie has almost the same concept like the " 28 weeks later" but of a different mission and less violence. Therefore less stress and less jumping of the seat.

I remembered watching "28 weeks later" when we were fooled by a friend saying that it's a great movie. So everyone agreed to watch it after work, thinking it might be good for us to watch a good movie and to loosen the work day's stress. To shorten the story, everyone was too stressed up after the movie that no one felt like having dinner after that and we all went back home coz we felt even more tired than ever. Moral of the story~movies were never meant to relief stress!!~ :)

Back to the main story, the movie takes about 1hr 40mins, but somehow it felt longer than it was supposed to be. Maybe because i wasn't into favour of this kind of story [since the "28 weeks later" incident ] but Nicole Kidman' s talent is still a thumbs up. And she's still a beauty. Truthfully, the whole movie wasn't that bad at all. It's just because of the bad experience with the other movie that affected me. I still feel stress when i think bout that other movie. S0 for this one, The Invasion, I give it a 7 out of 10.

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