Friday, August 10, 2007

Madamoiselle & Cats in shop!

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Having cats in the shop. Is that a new trend or a just a hobby ? A friend told me that in Miri there's this shop who has cats that welcomes you as you enter. Isn't that cute? I tot so and well! We found one here too. It's located at Kiulap same building as the Ahan Thai restaurant and of course the Soto Bunut Restaurant, that i've mentioned earlier.

The name of the place is Muchdeini Enterprise and the cats are so cutey,bubbly and a babe! When we passed by the shop,we thought it was a piece of display, a white cat statue, sat by the big glass watching the world outside and we found it so adorable until its head tilts, that surpises us. Hey, it's alive! Just see at the pics, you'll love'em too.

The outside view of the Muchdieni Enterprise

The inside view of the shop

The adorable white cat...whatever your name is...

And we thought it was a fluffy cat doll on display!!

Woofey's the name~> Furry and cuddly...

This babe is "Bebeh".. the very the Manja!

Inspite of the attraction we got from the cats, The shop itself was another unique place to go. The catchy words and pics of the T-shirts, the glittering accessories, the bling-bling bags and the sleek men shoes are an eye catcher. I do have an eye on one of the bags. I'm gonna get that hopefully next month ...teeheee.!!! And again, HOPEFULLY..Sigh! Congrats to the owner for such a nice unique shop and of course, those wonderful cutie babes of yours... the CATS!

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