Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Madamoiselle & MOD Thai Restaurant

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It's payday today and am too lazy to cook for lunch in our mini kitchen office. So whats on mind? Eating out at MOD Thai Restaurant with the 3 princess of food lovers. This time, I ordered something else and here's what we ate :

Lemon Steamed Fish

Seafood Curry in Thai Coconut

Stir Fired Long Bean

Well, actually we had one more menu which is the Prawn Spring Roll but we were so tempted to eat it that we gobbled it all up before i remembered that i want to take a pic of it. Nyaman jua udah kan tu! The Lemon steam fish was nice, i like the tangy sour sauce that blends well with the sprinkled hot chilli while the Seafood Curry in coconut milk was a bit too rich in texture. Too much of egg, i guess. It taste like red curry seafood but with egg mixed into it and so the result of the thickness in taste and look. The Stir Fried Long Bean has always been a favourite. It's a very simple vegetable dish, Small cuts of long beans and eggs. Nice combination.

After lunch, I was supposed to be full [ and I really was!!! believe me!! ] but I had this sudden urge to taste a Chocolate cake I've been craving for weeks. I managed to ignore this urge for 2 weeks [ sal nda mo layan bah nafsu ah ] but today i must have it. It's like it's on the peak already so to prevent from being "kempunan", we dashed to the mall and had a "Fantasy Chocolate Cake" for a takeaway at the FunBread bakery at the mall. It was SUPERB!! The chocolate was so rich and the chocolate taste was just so Right! Am loving it so much. Didn't have the pic though, i had bites of it while driving. Bad huh? I had to eat it ..... desperately and eating it was like heaven. I just don't know why, the crave of chocolates lately. I usually dig for cheesecakes but lately chocolate is the thang! Oh! I need to stop. I'm drooling for more chocolates again... Teehee...

Au revoir!

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