Sunday, August 5, 2007

Madamoiselle & Tanglong + FOOOOD!!

:: Food Talk ::

Okay, Basically I'm gonna tell ya wat's up wif moi yesterday. Hooray to yesterday news!!! Yey! Sorry peeps, I'm not really an updated blogger and merci moi for the lack of time. It seems to me that my topics are now mainly divided into several categories where at most times I'll be concentrating on Food Talk & Movie Talk as my experiences are unexpectedly more into these areas. har! har!

So What's been happening yesterday? I think it's kinda of my "Food Festival" as I've been eating like the whole day a lot. But unfortunately i did not have a good camera to take the wonderful pics of my yesterday foods and events and I am always, always have the habit of taking a photo after I took a bite... or more likely finished it up. Lupa wah! The food is already too tempting to eat to remember that i want to have a memory of it in my blog...hehehe!

Anyway, I'd like to introduce to you guys a nice place to eat for Soto. I've been to this place twice for just this week [ and that includes for my yesterday's lunch ]. It's called " Restaurant Mawar Tasaubah Soto Bunut" and of course better known as "Soto Bunut".

Location, is actually in Kiulap, just about opposite of Taurean Cafe. What i like about this place is that they serve a buffet of "SOTO" where you can mix any amount and any type of filling you'd like for your Soto. And the price isnt bad at all, for the amount and pleasure you get with their Soto is only $4.00. Nice eih! And its a big bowl for a Soto, i tell you, coz if you fill it in all the ingredients it's like you're having a mountain of Soto ingredients. That's what some of their customers did and we're like "OMG! " But then that's just what they needed. Here's my version of my pick of Soto;

Actually, You can have a choice of fillings for your Soto as of the following;
  • Mee Kuning
  • Mee Halus
  • Daging Ekor
  • Daging Tulang
  • Lidah (small cuts)
  • Berubut (small cuts)
  • Ayam (shredded)
  • Daging (small cuts)
  • Ubi kentang (diced)
  • Taugeh
  • Telor Rebus
Then you can send your bowl to the kitchen counter and they will pour you the soup and additional Hati buyah on top of all the ingredients you've picked. You better try it peeps. Totally nice for a Soto. I'm over with Soto Tinis. :p

:: Going Somewhere ::

Last nite , "Tanglong" was the event in Bandar and madame and moi partners-in-Jalan-Jalan, Mr & Mrs Meow, went to watch the parade + fireworks. T'was a nice experience since I haven't been into such events for more than a decade now. The wonderful ambience around town was so lively with lots and lots of people, young and old; lots of lights , blue, yellow, red,green and everything else, T'was HOT!! hahaha... I wish then that i own a good camera, good enuff to capture all those events. Rather, i'm stuck with my ol' phone camera that takes pictures not better than a Disposable-Kodak-moment.

Well anyway, Tried my best to make a good effect out of nothing so here's what we had for the Tanglong nite fever...

Next story: You don't know what i did on Friday...more food, more pics...more of yesterday's news...ol'news...tink i'm good in telling ol' news eih! Cheers!!!

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