Monday, August 27, 2007

Madamoiselle & Western Dish Lunch

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I feel schleeepyy!!! We had a big feast today as Western dish was served for lunch. All cooked freshly from the office mini kitchen by the 3 princess of Food lovers aka Madamoiselle, Mrs Meow & Miss Scary Spice. Though the cooking part took us like more than an hour to be ready [kitchen so small with limited utensils & stuffs] we managed to have the most satisfying lunch we ever had with minimal budget. Unfortunately, i did not take any pics from the start of the servings so let me just show off my plate of servings. What we had are as follows:

Oven baked Honey Chicken,
Fried Wedges,
Shoestring Fries,
Scrambled Eggs &
Baked Garlic Bread

Aaaahhh!!! KanyaaaanngZzzzz!!! The whole lunch cost about $35 only, servings for 9-10 of us . Cheap and of course tummy full of satisfying food. We even had seconds!Kapisan eh.... i can't work.... Snoooorre!!! Zzzzzz..... See ya later!

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