Friday, August 17, 2007

Madamoiselle & August Budget blues


The month that drains my $ out my lady-wallet for too many reasons. It’s only mid August and I’m stuck with bills that weren’t supposed to exist in my budget plan. Budget plan? Do I have budget plans? Yes, but I hardly use it practically these days. Only theoretically but again it’s just some plain excel sheet with formulae and it looked like my monthly wish list of shopping or worst eating programmes…hehehe. You see, in paper, or in my case in excel, it’s so easy to financially plan what you need to Pay and Buy and Save. However, in real-time mode, it is always chaos. And the plan of Pay, Buy and Save, Save was the hardest thing to achieve. I am not a well disciplined person when it comes to this and being a big spender, I’ve been ruining half my life with debts. Pathetic yeah! I hate it too.

Anyway, this month was hectic for my $$$. First, it was my babe’s “Birthday”. Babe is my-just-turned-4 year old car. Yup, her birthday falls on the first day of August. And this year, I had to pay a big birthday present for her. Why? Because I’ve wrecked her last year in a “sandwich-accident” and had bruised her badly on her bumps and fronts. Not my fault though. So I’ve claimed on insurance and that results for the big present. It sucked a quarter of my salary. Then the other day, my bedroom air-conditioned has run out of gas. I thought that was just the case, initially, but when the service man came, they found out that my A/C has a leak and something else broke. Shux!! There goes my “save” budget. Two days ago, my car battery has gone to its R.I.P state just as I was leaving home for work. Had to replace the bat. and flew another hundred plus. Gosh!! Now another “save” budget has gone too. Waaaa!!! This month has got to be something huh!

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