Sunday, August 26, 2007

Madamoiselle & Impak Maksima

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The other day, As usual, the threesomes, me, Mr & Mrs Meow headed for the movies to watch the so called Malaysian homemade Drifts called "Impak Maksima". I am not a fan of malay movies, especially malaysian ones [no offense...the only best malaysian movie i ever liked so much is "CINTA" and thats just it!] but since i have no choice that time, i gave it a shot.

So to comment, it's just another malaysian car racing movie but with a better quality. Though of course, it needs lots of room for improvements. It's not as close as the ever cool Tokyo drift but an A-OK for a malaysian movie. The best part of the movie that we like was the cheesy lines they have ala "Pantun" when they wanna negotiate for a race. It got us cracking! The ugly side of the movie is of course, the over reacting actress who just had too much of face reaction and too "GEDIK" attitude with a non matching husky voice. Hmmm... so much of a comment huh!

Overall , i verdict the movie a 6 out of 10. ok - ok je lah 2.

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