Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Madamoiselle & The Diary #3 **The Past, Present & The Future**

:: The Dairy - C'est La vie ::

Dear Diary,

I’m confused.

Confused about my feelings….
I’m stuck between a past and a future.

A past that I loved so much,
A past that I’m very comfortable with,
but never had the past fully mine.

A future that I begin to care,
so much no one understands,
the future that makes me laugh
but the future had always played with my heart.

I’m in vain.
Past has always been there for me.
Future has been there when I am needed.
Past has always been committed
but the future never commits.

What am I to do?
They say, I had to leave the past,
but they also say,
the future was never meant for me either.

Then what shall I do?
I couldn’t turn back but..
I couldn’t move forward
as future keeps blocking my way.

The Present,
Where are you?
I need to find my present.
If only present could help me,
then I could no longer look
for the past nor the future.

Help me find my present
Help me find my happiness…….
Help me find my beliefs
That happily ever after
is not just a myth.

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