Friday, August 10, 2007

Madamoiselle & Rush Hour 3 & Heroes

:: Movie Talk ::

Went to the movies yesterday with my sistah to watched the Rush Hour 3. Moi was not a big fan of Jackie Chan but could not resist the movie as we had watched the Trailer before and it seems hilarious. I could never turn down a comedy and i expected this could be another fun movie to watch. So my expectations was a bit misleaded. The Story was okay, humour at this and that but it was a bit predictable just like the other rush hours scenes. And i felt like it was an unfinished movie...i don't know...maybe it's just me, like it just ended just like that. But i do love the part when Chris Tucker asked the old man what's his name and his name is Yu and chris mistakenly tot he was asking him "You?" and continue the confusing questions of "you" and "me". hehehe...Got a big luff on that. And in this movie, Chris became talentedly VOCAL :) . Sang too much i guess but that's also the funny part.

Overall, I'd give it a 7 out of 10.

:: Season-Series Talk ::

Besides movies, i've just finished watching the whole episodes of the "HEROES" of Season 1 part 1 & 2. Love it totally. I hardly spent time with Astro's so i never get to watch this series before... though a friend had tried to insist me in watching it last year. I'm glad i did not watch it before coz if i did see it in Astro, i'll be like so impatient to know what happens next, just like "PRISON BREAK" And i hate missing some episodes. So I bought the whole Season 1 ,both parts of "HEROES" and t'was a heart thumping , confusing, puzzle-matching, experience. Now i'm waiting for the second season to be sold and i'm surely gonna collect that.

So far, The Season series that i had collected and watched are :

  • 1) The Sex and The City - Season 1 (Done)
  • 2) The Sex and The City - Season 2 (Done)
  • 3) The Sex and The City - Season 3 (Done)
  • 4) The Sex and The City - Season 4 (Done)
  • 5) The Sex and The City - Season 5 (Done)

  • 6) Heroes - Season 1 Part 1 (Done)
  • 7) Heroes - Season 1 Part 2 (Done)
  • 8) Prison Break - Season 1
  • 8) Prison Break - Season 1 Finale
  • 9) Prison Break - Season 2
I can't wait for SATC the whole Season 6 and their movie and also the next season of Heroes. Next to watch, my awaiting Prison Break... i just love Wentworth..hehe handsome lad. I'm sick of watching it on air...miss too much of the episodes. Now i can watch the whole story uninterupted. hehehe...

Got to go ..Au revoir!!

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