Monday, December 31, 2007

Madamoiselle & farewell 2007

It's the last day of 2007. Within a few hours more, we are all going to enter the new year of 2008, a new year for new resolutions or probably refulfill the old ones that yet to be done someday :p.

So, What's your new resolutions? Mine? I'm not sure myself...hehehe...but I do know, 2008, will be a new challenge for my whole aspects of life, may it be work, love, life... whereas, 2007 had been both a wonderful year and sad on the same time. Sad because the plan for a marriage had confirmed been cancelled and I finally broke my relationship with my loved one. On the otherside, I get closer with more new friends and had few fun "adventures" with them, gets closer with my siblings and spent more time with them too, met someone who made me realize that I can fall in love with somebody else and get my life through even though that someone now became just a close friend *wink* and I appreciate that. Had challenges in work but managed to gone through it without any chaotic problems and many more. The best part of 2007 was, I get to be stronger facing all that I've been through compared to the years before. And I hope, I ll get even more stronger to face 2008 as a whole new "thing" will come up soon. I hope for the better and hopefully it turns out well.

Well, after writng these out, I think I know what my resolutions for 2008;

1) Always be optimistic
2) Ignore bad vibes @ people who tends to ruin ur lifes and those who underestimates you.
3) Clearing my Debts--> a never ending story..esp. my cards..waaa!!!
4) Self control --> in spending especially..hehehe
5) Needs more determination and stop procrastinating :p
6) Anger management, out of stress... 2007 had been a good one...need more in 2008 :)
7) Loose weight--> I really need to make it work someday hahaha...

I think that's it for the moment...can't think well now that I somehow feel tired. My siblings are in Empire now. I'm not joining them. And it's my dad's birthday, and we're not celebrating hehehe... Dad don't want any celebration this year. He hates surprises. But my Aunt's celebrating New Year at their homies and my parents are going and I'm not. This year, I just want a quite time at home and relax. This is the best moments where I can just relax, watch the tube, surf and again just relax. I had too much going on in my life for 2007, I'd just like to end 2007 with just nothing. :) Boring you might say but it's heaven for me..hahaha.


Happy New Year Everyone! Buhbai!!

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