Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Madamosielle & my holi-Day 2

I just woke up from my 'beauty-nap' and I'm feeling whooaaahhh....tired! It's almost 6pm now and I'm thinking of making something edible afterwards.

This morning, I was awoken by a knock at the door and it was only Nine! Hey, for someone on a holiday, that was an early time to wake up! Especially when I was having late night sleeps. Anyway, Mom told me to get ready to go to the hospital coz granny was having her 'endoscopy' or something today. Waa!! I thought it was not confirmed so I thought we will be visiting her in the afternoon and so I thought I had other plans for today. Too much thoughts there..Sigh! So off we went to the hospital and granny was already in the O.T as we were a wee bit late. The rest of my uncles and aunts were at the hospital's canteen having tea and we joined them since it may take time for granny to be out of the O.T. I ate breakfast there...sooo, so hungry.

At almost midday, Grans was done and was sent to the ward. She was still unconscious. Everyone got hungry by noon and we had lunch at "Aminah Arif Restaurant" and had "Ambuyats'. Sorry no pics though... was too busy stuffing food to the tummy..hahaha.. It was fun having lunch with a quarter of dad's siblings. It's not always we sit down having lunch together this lot.

After lunch, we all headed back to the hospital and waited for granny to wake up. She finally did at around 2-ish and by then, i was already sleepy and tired. You know how it is in hospitals. Limited seats, nothing to see, a long wait thus becomes tired.

And oh, I met my ol' mutual fren again. I finally had the opportunity to talk with her. And i finally, asked what's with her bandage thingy. She had a small mishap in her house and had slit her veins [on the hand] by a glass accidentally. Eeuwghh!! I was freaking shocked with that. Her veins were "stapled" [what? not stitched? errr... what do you mean by "staple"??] as she had told me and she couldn't move her fingers to her elbow. That is scary..veins cut off ...waaaaa!!!! It's been a month and she haven't recovered... uh..Scarryyy!

By the way, today is my niece's Birthday...


Boy! She's not a kid anymore... nine yrs old and i still think she's still 5 hahaha..they sure grew so fast. Anytime, she'll be a teenage then. Her mommy wants to celebrate her birthday belatedly on this Thursday night. I 've already made plans to have another cake baking project. Haven't decided much on how the cake is going to be. They say she likes Blue but i wanted to make a different colour..Red! Why??? coz I wanted to make a heart shape cake and it's nice if i colour it red. A red-hearty cake. I don't want to make another blue cake coz i did that already. Well, we'll see...how it'll goes. I'll sure to post it here when I'm done.

In the meantime, I need to go to the kitchen. There's something in mind that i wanted to make tonight. Another first try recipe i wanted to experiment on. Hope it's gonna be what it supposed to be.

Till then, It's 20 more days of work-hiatus.. I'm off to the kitchen!!

**Edited on 13th Dec 2007**

Gosh! I'm a terrible aunt. Erra was not turning 9 but 11 instead. How cud i miss that. She's 11 yrs old already and i tot she was turning 9. hahha..See! I still see her that small of a kid! My other niece was the one who's 9 yrs old. Goodness me... I just have 4 nieces so far yet couldn't keep track of their ages. I wonder if I can't remember my own kids age one day...that's a nightmare. Bad mommy!! bad, bad mommy!! :0

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