Thursday, December 20, 2007

Madamoiselle & Holi-Day 10

Its Eid-ul-Adha today.

It's also Granny's birthday!

My dad's siblings and all my cousins came to granny's house for a birthday celebration and also for the Hari Raya Aidiladha. I managed to make something to bring to granny's house. A last minute baking which is cupcakes. I know, it's not traditional making cupcakes especially for Hari Raya Aidiladha, it's just that i'm craving for it lately so i just make it lah. It's not a perfect frosted cupcakes but just a nice one, still edible to eat...hehehe.. i still need practice with the frosting. I love the cupcake itself..not like the other day i made with my nieces.

The Naked Cuppies

The makeover of the cuppies.

The final touch up of the cuppies.

It was a bit hard frosting the cuppies as I reduced the amount of icing sugar. I don't want it to be too sweet. But Overall, I like this one, just a bit creamier, I guess I need to modify the frosting again next time.

Oh well, it's been almost two weeks of holiday and i have 12 more days of work-hiatus. Time flies too fast, I wish for another long holiday waaaa!!!

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