Saturday, December 29, 2007

Madamoiselle & Holi-Day 19

I was awaken by a call on my mobile this morning and it was my boss....from work. It was only 9.15am and my boss woke me up on my holiday, just to ask a small lil' thing about work. I tried not to sound as if I'm still asleep so I pretend to sound all cheered up and answered "Hello boss, yes?" He laughed out loud and said "Alum lagi bangun kah? [Not awake yet?]. So much of pretending! hehehe... Anyway, I dozed off right after he we hung up, untill half an hour later, I had to wake up. I forgot that i need to go somewhere. hahaha! I slept late last nite at around 3am surfing the net and blog hopping. It's just too much, yeah?

Anyway, as promised, I'd like to post up the pics I'd snapped from my phone last nite. I thought the crowd were going to be lesser at NBT for the Christmas holiday snapshots as it was already over but I was wrong ,there were still lots of people there.

Every year, NBT has the best festive decors that sets everyone the mood for celebrating even when they're not celebrating. Kudos to NBT for making the place a memorable place to take some festive snapshots. I wish Jerudong Park would make it like this too for every festive season so as to bring back the crowd to JP. And of course, free please ...just like NBT does.

Santa left his boots for New Year!

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