Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Madamoiselle & Holi-Day 3

Guess what i did last nite?

hahaha...I've made this out of boredom, well, out of hunger too! Had seen the recipe few days ago and I just need to try it. It was a bit burned but thats how i like my Roti Canai is, dry and brownish. Okay mine has black spots on it. hmmm....

The second attempt was much better. I manage to stop having it burnt too much. Tell you this, making the dough was easy. But trying to roll it out and make it fly like the indians do, was a hell of a job. I couldn't do it no matter how many times i've tried. I guess I was never good in tossing off food then. So what I did was just press in the dough till it became quite thin and put it into a hot flat pan. Does it taste like the real Roti Canai? Almost, except that its a bit thicker than its supposed to be and it needs to be more crispier. But i still enjoy it since the taste is still there. :)

Anyhow, today was another tiring day. I think, it's a routine these 3 days to wake up at 9 and a knock on the door by mom, telling to get ready for another hospital visit. This time, we're told that the doctor needs to see my dad's siblings for a briefing regarding my grans health status. When we got to the hospital, the nurse told that the meeting will be held at 2pm. That made a small fuss out of my dad, aunts and uncles coz they should have told that earlier before everyone came! Half of 'em went back to the office while the other half stayed and accompanied granny.

By midday, went to "Soto Bunut" at kiulap for a Soto buffet lunch. Nyummy! Hadn't been there for quite a while. Then at two, the elderlies went for the briefing while i waited with grans on her bed. About half an hour later, The meeting was over and good news, granny was able to go back home till further notice and further action. yey! Grans was indeed happy. She was quite worried with what she has gone through and the fight has just started. Oh, i kept on talking about my grans in the hospital but didn't mention why she's there. Grans has cancer, we all recently discovered. I don't really know the english word for it but it's "kanser Rahim' in malay. Its on it's first stage but still it worries everyone. Hopefully, she gets through all this well.

We got back home by four this afternoon and i was already tired. I've made a couple of this for a munch.

Just a simple fill for the tummy. My parents loves garlic bread for breakfast or teatime and so do i. It goes perfect with just hot tea.

Okay, i need a rest. A rest before my next baking session for Erra's bday. Boy! I feel lazy already, but i've made a promised to the others that i'll make one for erra. Oh well, I have to keep my promise. :p

Till then, It's 19 more days for my hiatus. Will blog again soon.

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