Sunday, December 23, 2007

Madamoiselle & holi-Day 13

I just had dinner at the Jerudong Park Food Centre with my parents. There were still lots of people flocking to the 'Jerudong Park Garden' for the Light Festival. A good sign showing "JP" is still alive and kicking. I could see more restaurants are open at the food centre too. Not as much as it used to be but they had liven up the place much better and for once "JP" is not a haunted luxury playground anymore. I Like! :)

We had dinner at Pinang Restaurant. It had moved from its original place to a much closer area to Kuliq Restaurant. They now have steamboats and fresh Seafoods, & new facelift for their restaurant. They used to be famous for their sizzling foods and I love their food. Hadn't failed my tastebuds so far. Though the service was a bit slow, still our dinner was fine.

My Lemon lime juice

Corn soup.. nice one!

Kailan in oyster sauce... tasty!

Steamed Fish Chinese style ... nyamanz!

Anyway, last nite, I had dinner with a friend. We met at 'Taurean Cafe' at The Arch. It was around 8pm and it was raining so there weren't anyone yet except for us. We had the place all by ourselves, updating current affairs, about friends, office, the future..haha! untill almost an hour later , people started to come in and the place gets noisier. I hadn't been to Any branch of the Taurean Cafe for quite sometime and I missed my favourite ol' time drink ...which is "The Bull". Still tasted and looked absolutely the same.I love! The place though, felt like we're not in Brunei, there were decors of christmas and waiters wearing santa's hats were seen like little elves moving around doing their jobs.hehehe!

Owh! I think i need to go. There's an interesting Japanese movie on the tube and it's been distracting me from blogging from the start. It's about a life of a guy who's married to a's like a Japs version of Sabrina The witch, and they are celebrating christmas" and all and its funny. Better effects too! Let me see the title is "Okusama wa molo" whatever that means. One thing is funny is that, only those who believes in Santa can see its funny when one was talking to santa and another thought that he's crazy talking with no japs style hahaha! you know how hilarious it is when a Japs anything! Mcm cartoon bah!

Okay, that's it for now. Till then, it's 8 more days of work Hiatus. Buhbai!

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