Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Madamoiselle & my Pizza


Yeah, from the title itself, I'm blogging about my pizza I've just made. Here's how it looks like before putting it to the oven.

I can say, I liked it. Not because I made it but my tastebuds loves it. hahaha.. A lil' modifications and it'll be perfect. I tried to make a Honey Garlic Chicken Pizza like 'Pizzahut's pizza and it comes quite close...i think, in a different way. It's more like a Honey Garlic Oyster Chicken Pizza actually. It's a bit saltier coz I am out of Mozarella cheese so I replaced it with a shredded Cheddar cheese instead. The pizza base was very crispy on the ends, and the juice of the chicken oozes out of the crust. Love it.

Too bad the cheddar cheese doesn't melt perfectly like mozarella does.

2 plates served for my parents

To compliment with the pizza, I made mashed potato and also serves with the leftover BBQ Chix and made a Hot Chocolate, that I've started to crave lately.

My dinner plate, a bitten off pizza, my fav mashed potato and a piece of bbq chix with my hot Cocoa..had dinner on bed while surfing the net hahahaha...

Have a Good Nite Sleep peeps!! I'm off to snoreeee..Zzzzzz!!!

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