Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Madamoiselle & BONUS

Today is a day for Smiles.
Today is a day for Happiness.
Today, for sure is a day for Big Plans.
Today, is one of those days for Getting New Things.
Today, is the day for Big Feasts.
Today is also a day for Big Money$$$$
Today is however, the day for Long Queues.
And Today for better or worse, is the day for Jams/Packs/ name it.. its everywhere!


Every Bruniean knows the little answer...
Every Gov sector definitely has the answer.
and so does some Private sectors.

So Whats the Fuss??


It's Raining Money...Hallelujah! It's Raining Money....

So don't be surprise, there'll be less grumpy people for the next few days as "Shopping" will be on their top list. I wanted to say including me but then, my bonus has to go to somewhere else...WAaAAaaaaAaa! My poor baby is sick and needs major operation to the heart. Yeah, my poor baby CAR!! *Sobs*

The spare part for "IT" cost quite a fortune. Some says, it costs like you owned a BMW. And its true...I guess...for me that's for sure. A four digit is not a small money, doncha think? Four years of owning it and it finally gets a major "sickness" after massive abuse of maximum usage..hehehe...[the owner has a tendancy to move about too much in the past few years.] So far, it never got cheaper with my little repairs on my 'baby'. Its a $500 above and I'm crying ...ahahah...But I do love this baby. It may not be a Luxury expensive car but it sure does give a comfortable drive and totally smooth and spacious. And mine is Diesel so my average usage is just B$16 per week. That sure saves cost on my fuel! Imagine going from BSB to KB in full tank and return still in full tank..Love it yeah?!! Except for the bodykits that kept 'cracking off' in the streets of Brunei...thats just the only turn offs I get to get used to and now the expensive spareparts...speechless!

Speaking of which, I accidentally found out that it has a new 2008 model on the internet. Its has the same style but a bit slicker.

Nice, No? I like!! Waaaa.......

Owh! I'm off track already. Back to the bonus thingy, Yeah., there were long queues everywhere especially in Banks and ATMs. Heard that the long queue even starts at 6.30am this morning.Could you believe that? And the roads to Gadong were fully packed especially to The Mall. Boy! The eating outlets were one of the crowded places too. Went to the Mall Foodcourt for lunch and it was packed full of people, hungry merry people. The table's just weren't enough to cater everyone.And so does the service. All the foods came in slow coz there's just too many people ordering the food. I had my rice an hour later than everyone else on the table coz they ran out of RICE!! Can you imagine how many people were eating at the mall....

I couldn't help wanting to post the last cartoon. It's irresistible. That's not fussy. Just someone with an extraordinare tastebud...hehehe!!

Okay, Madamoiselle's signing off... A Happy Bonus Day Everybody. Spend wisely, Smile widely, and call me klau kan blanja hahahaha......

Buhbai!! Bonne Nuit! à bientôt!

2 Say What?:

Senor Pablo on December 27, 2007 at 7:39 AM said...

Bonjour.... for the list of Bunny's food, please visit here...

cheers....happy holidays to you

Madamoiselle ver.2 on December 27, 2007 at 11:00 PM said...

Bonjour Senor Pablo,

Merci beaucoup for the link. The list sounds appetizing. Will email when I wanna order. Thanx!

Happy Holidays to you too :)