Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Madamoiselle & Tagged!

I was tagged. Thanx to The Cupcake Queen Brunei , I had a fun time answering them. Sorry, I can't be too serious nor too honest answering those questions but rest assured that's just me...hehe...

1. What is your full name?

J’mapelle Mademoiselle “Madamoiselle Hazel”.. would that be alright? :)

2. Age?

Looked 30-ish but still in the late 20’s. Meaning, Mature but still young hahaha…

3. Height?

Let say, I don’t need to wear a 3 inch stiletto.

4. Weight?

Light Cream please. Duh!
p.s : Let me sit on you and you’ll feel the coziness of my cush.. hmmm…

5. Do you own your home or rent?

Livin la vida loca under my parents rooftops. Can I move out daddy?? No! Go get married then you’ll leave. Wait! Get a rich man then you’ll leave…haha!!

6. How many brothers and sisters do you have?

I got 4 Pweetty Princesses and an ugly frog prince siblings..kekeke Sorry “Juan”!

7. Any kids of your own?

Not yet but I’m planning for a quarter of a dozen. Is that okay my future-husband-to-be-whoever-you-are ?? :p

8. Are you close to your family?

Hmm… So Close yet far away….away…away….

9. Who do you feel closest to?

My Twin Sistahs and Oleev

10. What do you do as a job?

A Multitasker , and a Confused employee …kekeke..

11. And How long have you been in your current job?

Almost 5 years of Procrastinating.

12. Speaking of friends, which one do you talk to the most?

Its Seasonal depends of where I am, who I work with… so at the moment, it’s Mummy Meow.

13.Could you tell this person anything and everything?

So far, Yeah Baby!

14. Favourite thing to drink?

Coke…I need coke.
Milo? yes..cold one please.
Lemonade ,yeah that one too,
Carrot juice..with milk please..
Teh C Kaw..wahh kasi ‘kaw’ bnyk2 ah..

Okay,…I like to drink A LOT…a hardcore drinker..anything that’s good is my fav.

15. Would you rather spend an evening out or in?

If I feel tired, IN.
If I feel bored & hyper, a definitely OUT.

16. Do you smoke?

Been there, done that, now Hating it.

17. What about drink?

Everyday..to quench my thirst. Apakan??? Hehe…Never.

18. What is the most important thing in your life?

Happiness. *sob*

19. Do simple things always mean the most?

Oh, yeah! Simple life = Less complication = More Happinness.

Make your life simpler!

20. What is your average grocery bill?

I’m a big spender on food, on anything. It’s never enough. Call me “ BooSs” with an R in the middle.

21. What is your favourite age so far?

During my early childhood where I don’t need to think about the world but to play and watched cartoons. :)

22. Are you too stubborn to ask for help?

Nah! Just Too Shy!

23. How do you celebrate the holidays?

I don't. I just Cook, Eat, Sleep, Surf, Watch, Drool, Blog, Dream etc & Repeat!

24. Do you think looks matter?

I’d always say, it doesn’t matter but then sometimes it does, eventhough I know my looks aren’t any better but hey, who doesn’t wish for a charming / beautiful looks esp to a partner, right? It’s just the difference of how you RATED the looks that counts. Mine is at least, “Nice to see, Nice to touch. If broken, considered SOLD.” Hahahha… Well, just the first line of the quote only anyway.

25. What about money?

Money?? Ka-ching$$!!

In friendship, money does not matter, poor or rich, all are welcome. [Though, I don’t feel comfortable with the rich ones, honestly.]

In Love, I want my guy to be independent, one who can feed his family with his own hands, and raise his children with his own ‘clean’ money and not from his parents help or from other unknown resources or from asking from his own wife..ME!! Unless, I’m willing to give him. Hey! He’s suppose to be the Man in the house kan?! Wosey! That’s deep.

26. What kinds of things do you look in a partner?

Nice [Physically & Mentally] as mentioned above ,Independent , again as mentioned above. Lovable, Understanding, Mature. A lot! But the most important thing is :

I long for someone Who knows how to love you without being told

quoted from Soulmate~Natasha Beddingfield

27. Do you believe in soul mates?

Si, Sil Vous Plait.

28. Love at first sight?

Yes , though I freaked out if a stranger starts to get interested.

29. What is the worst thing a guy/girl can do to completely turn you off?

Utter Egos, Immaturity; those are huge turn offs

30. Do you look for someone shorter or taller?

Wishes for taller ones, Was granted a slightly shorter ones haha..

31. Do you believe it is possible to remain faithful to one person forever?

Yes, if you believe in yourself.

32. How jealous are you?

Depends. Used to be a non- jealousy GF. But now, a shmingle, Started a jealousy course and I’m doing it just fine…

33. Which is better, love or trust?

As Mrs Queen Cupcake says, We all need both! *smiles widely*

34. Do you want a partner that takes control or lets you have it?

I want a little of both. Some cases , he shud take control, in others, Wham! Listen to mummy! Nyeh!nyeh! nyeh!

35. What is more difficult? Looking into someones eyes and sharing your feelings or looking in someones eyes while they’re sharing theirs?

Are you talking about love or a girlfriend thingy? Hehehe..for love, the latter part is more difficult. I’m brave enough to confide my feelings if I like the person a lot but when someone likes me, I FREAKED OUT! I dunno why?

36. You will die in 3 minutes.. last call?

Hmmmmmmmmm…enee –Menee- Mynee- Mo ..tick tock tick tock time is ticking!
Wait, err….no! Aha!... Eh, no way… BuZZZzzz!!! Time’s out you’re dead!

37. Is it harder to tell someone you love them or you don’t love them back?

I know this, It’s VERY VERY HARD to tell anyone that I don’t love ‘em…VERY!

38. When was the last time you told someone how you really feel?

Few months back…Phew! That was over!

39. Would you tell the truth if it meant losing everything?

Depends… But I’m a person who’d tell how I feel.
At MOST times, I’m transparent. But I’m a good liar too!

40. If you could change one person, who would it be and why?

Just one person?? Hmm…. Yeah, there’s this one gurl I’d like to change her a lot. She’s a total bizarre to everyone else’s life, the one who needs to grow up and stop interfering peoples lives for her own interest. Immature!

41. Is it better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?

It’s better to have Loved and lost than to have never been loved coz being in love is the happiest moment one could get.

42. Would you ever take in a friend’s children if they asked you to?

Yeah sure, and I’d sell them .wahaha..just kidding!

43. What’s the best advise you have ever received?

“ God tested you because he loves you. Be happy and see things clearly. Everything that happens has it’s own story behind it.” Well, I didn’t translate that very well, did I?

44. Who do you admire the most?

Myself… hahaha… no one in the mind yet actually.

45. What makes life worth while?

When life is appreciated every second every day, not taking anything for granted. Being loved…

46. Should you judge someone based on their past?

People can change, Life is not perfect. We should accept others who are willing to improvise themselves.

47. What would be the hardest thing for you to give up?


Finish the sentences

I am

What I am. Bubbly & Comfy, Ticklish & Luffable, Friendly yet Shy <-- huh?, Harmless unless provoked.

I wish for

An angel sent from above. Enlighten me , please :)

I need

Love, money$$, a Break, a trip around the world, chocolates, and a husband! <--- Desperado! Hahahaha…

The end…

Phew! That was over. I 'd like to tag this to the following peeps;

1) Ness
2) LadyFred
3) Zhoe
4) Trinity
5) Maurica

Happy answering :)

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