Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Madamoiselle & holi-Day 15

It's X'mas and It's also my resting day. Have been on bed, feeling all tired the whole day. I just feel so unproductive! I could not blog yesterday. I've been busy in the kitchen for the whole 12 hours, preparing food, preparing the house, the table, the dinner and finally the clean up. Why? We were expecting a group of relatives from K.K, [yes, Kota Kinabalu] to have dinner at home last night. Normally, they'd come in small groups of one or two family. This time however, I lost track coz I don't exactly know everyone. They were a lot! Around 30 of them I guess. Some I have met during few visit occasions , others came for the first time and It's like a get to know gathering for our family. Moreover, it's Christmas Eve, I guess the neighbors thought we're celebrating Christmas too ...hahaha..

The Living room.....

Anyway, We wanted to prepare a simple dish. We're still maid-free so we don't want to make too many complicating foods like before. Mom has the tendency to make too much varieties of food when we have big eating occasions but thats when there' s so many helpers. Since it's the only three of us in the house, making lots of food is impossible. So we decided to make these;

The Food ......

Red Honey Ovenbaked Chicken

Black Pepper Beef

Tray of "Ulams" and "Sambal Belacan"

mom's Local Veggie ~ "Tarap"

The Cute bubbly "Longan Puding" for dessert.

Watermelons for a mouthwash.

I love the longan puddings. A colleague made that before and brought it to the office. I love it instantly coz I just love longans. So I made it for dinner and it was also a big hit. It disappeared in just a few minutes.Oh well, It became a starter rather than a dessert. hahaha...

Right now, I'm hungry for a light snack. I think I want to make a pizza since I have a left over plain BBQ chicken and a pizza base that's been sitting in the fridge ready for cooking. Never tried making one, and this is an experiment hehhe.... I 'll let you know if its successful.

Till then , I've got a week more before going back to work...waaa!!! i want more holidays...
Au revoir!

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