Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Madamoiselle : No.Mo.Hols.

No.Mo.Hols. = No More Holidays! Waaaa....

Back to work! After almost a month of stress free, job ignorance, work-call-rejections and whole-lieu-day for myself, I finally, got back to work,....LATE! I almost forgotten to wake up early,and found myself, still on denial that my holidays were over..O.V.E.R!! Waaaaa......

Lots of changes happening in the office and I am still trying to adjust myself with the changes and many more to come. Sheesh! No wonder I had the urge to take a very long holiday, coming back to work was piled up with loads of things to do for these whole month. Okay, as I had resolute... Think optimistically! There could be a huge advantage with all that's going to happen.Think postively... C'mon gurl you can do it! LOL! I'm sick!

Anyhow, See these pics below.... I love!!

Yesterday, I spent my first new year watching Sex And The City, complete Season 6 part 2. Woohooo! Like it! Love It! Adore It! I just bought it last week but have just managed to watched the whole of it yesterday. It was their last season of SATC and it made me cry. I love the girl bondings and they get more matured compared to the first season, it was more party like. I guess most of you have seen it in HBO way long ago and I had missed that. I may be outdated but I now have the whole collection of SATC. Yeehaa!! Wait a minute! I think I missed one part.Oops! I missed the Season 6 part 1 DANG! Gonna get them soon. No wonder i felt like i missed something. First things first, i need to get them back from my sistah Oleev who hadn't returned some of them for sooooo looong. It's my precious collection. It may not be original, but it sure are clear DVDs.

Hey, I found this when I was surfing, so i tried the Test. Yipeee!! I'm Carrie...I love Carrie...not the long face but her characteristics. I like her. Yey!!

Which Sex and the City Character Are You?

You are Carrie. You know what you want out of a relationship and you're not afraid to keep moving until you get it. Wit and charm are your biggest turn-ons, and you like guys who appreciate you for your mind as much as your body. You have fun playing the dating game, but secretly you just can't wait to find the guy who sweeps you off your feet and carries you into the sunset.
Find Your Character @

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