Thursday, December 6, 2007

Madamoiselle & her Randomness

Had been blog-hopping around with 'Simpur blogging nation' and visited Maurina's site. She posted about the free rice for the hungry and had a try with it. It's pretty kewl. You play while you donate and you know how you sux in your vocabs hahahah.... Still, you'll learn. I have donated 480 grains of rice today. Why not have a try...happy donating!!

Click on the pic to go to the website :)

3 Say What?:

Maurina said...

Hiiiiii!!! Eh siuk ah that website. Heheheh, I'm a sucker for these online charity donate-without-even-realising-it programmes. I haven't played for a while though. Karang sambung. Hey anyway, how come you're not coming to the Girly Bloggers Gathering thing? :) I'd love to meet u!

Madamoiselle ver.2 on December 8, 2007 at 8:59 AM said...

hi mau,

Thanx for dropping by... awu syiok playing that vocab thinggy... kedptan english kureng lah main hantam saja.

err... sal girly bloggers gathering ..hehehe...malu kan join leh hahaha...not good in socializing bah. :p

Anonymous said...

astahhh, come lah join. i stay with you the whole night like last year i did that with rosie. she was finnnne. hehehehe. come one laaaa... :) I'd lovvve to meet u!