Monday, December 10, 2007

Madamoiselle & my Holi-Day 1.

My first day of home.. yipee!! Finally, I am off from work till new year. Suka ku eh! This is my first time ever taking a really long break and I'm somewhere in the clouds already ..hahaha. Nope! no plans of going anywhere, just stay at home and have my own leisure time. In my dreams...well, my worries came to reality... i was already booked by my parents with their schedules. Everytime i had a break, they already had plans and tagged me along. Waaaaa!!! Hope they won't drag me the whole three weeks. I really need my own time to unwind.

Anyway, What have i spend on my 1st day of 'work-freedom'?

First thing in mind was to wake up late! But I was too conscious. Since the maids had gone back to their homeland last two weeks, I was super duper conscious of the house chores that needs to be done. I don't wanna be labeled the princess of the house and get mocked by my own parents so I somehow, woke up at 9am and did my laundry {whoaahh!!} . My room was a mess, but I'll leave it for tomorrow. I voluntarily cooked for lunch and glad my parents liked 'em. { They are picky with food...very hard to please}. Then afternoon, mom tagged me along for window shopping but end up, me, shopping for my baking utensils. A craze i had lately since my love for bake and cook. I had $50 flew of my pocket for that. Then pick up dad at his office and had high tea at 'Aneka Rasa Restaurant' for "Cakoi" and "Keropok Lekor"..nyum..nyum!! Then, went to the hospital to visit my granny and met an ol' mutual friend from high school. She looked the same, haven't changed much except for the bandage she had on her hand. *lol.* Didn't even asked her why, just smiled coz i was freakin' shy..hahaha... duh! Back at home, I finally had my time... surfing the hopping and now blogging my way. Dull... yeah?

Time flies and i have 21 days of work-related-hiatus. hehe.. Till then, will try to update my boring life tomorrow.

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