Monday, December 3, 2007

Madamoiselle & Bday Surprise pt II

I am tired and exhausted. It's been a whole day of fun today, making surprises and embarrassment to the birthday 'boy'. We're lucky that 'Alai' aka the birthday guy came a bit late. He was bringing some food as a treat to all of us so it took time for him to come to the office. By then everyone were ready to see his reaction for the big surprise we made for him.

The first one was his office space. We had decorated it with Christmas ornaments. It's almost Christmas now so decorations are cheap. This was what had become to his office space.

Then we had the birthday breakfast treat and surprised him with the birthday cake I've made.

looked like a cake advert!! hehehe...

Initially, this is what the cake supposed to look like.

The side view of the cake.

Then because of a lil' mishap, I smudge one part of the cake when i tried to close it with the cake cover and crimpled the cake on one side. I had to think quick and try to modify the decor and this was what i had 'pimped' on my cake.

Though the cake was a bit loopsided, it looked as if it was meant to be that way hehehe..

The line of chocolate chips.

I'm glad my friends love the cake. The chocolate cake blends well with the cream cheese frosting and had several good remarks with the taste and of course, the looks. I am the very the "kambang" trus..hahaha... My first cake was a success despite my huge problem with spreading the cream cheese frosting. The cake, looked like a "Kek Hantaran", as they've told me. Woohooo..that's just too much. Anyway, as for the taste, its very 'chocolate-ty' as I've mentioned before, and the sweetness was mild. The birthday boy himself was a fussy eater but glad he loved my cake. He finished up the left over cake, he just told me. Waaa... that's a big compliment my friend..hehehe... glad you liked it.

Anyhow, the last surprise we did for 'Alai' was to decorate his car. Unfortunately, he did not bring his own car today but his sister's instead. We had to go ahead with the plan but had difficulty decorating it as it was a very windy day and it blew of the rolls of tissue paper real hard. So it became this messy thinggy on the car like a worn out mummified car with black balloons and coloured flags. Teeheee!

In the end, I'm glad that our birthday guy was overall, a happy bloke on his special day. no hard feelings lad...


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