Sunday, December 2, 2007

Madamoiselle & Bday surprise

A close friend's birthday falls tomorrow and my colleagues and I had made some surprising plans for him. Somehow, the surprise seems like we're celebrating an April fool instead of a Birthday celebration. I just can't wait to see how he'll react. Well, I'll post about it tomorrow.

In the meantime, i had prepared a homemade birthday cake and it's my first try of making one. I can say, it's 90% of success for an amateur. Baking the cake was not a big problem but decorating it was hugely difficult for me. I had made a Toblerone Chocolate Almond cake with Cream cheese Frosting. I think my frosting is quite soft, i had a hard time frosting the cake. It took me hours to frost it then chill it in the fridge then frost it again , chill again, then decor it. I hope it'll taste good as how it looked like. My friends likes blue so i had frosted it with blue.To make the decor, i made chocalate decors and also silver balls. I meant to make it a guyish cake but it somehow turns out to be a bit girlish ...haha.. it's like a princess cake in a way..But still, i think i'm liking it. The recipe for the cake, i took it from Jamie Oliver's show i saw last year. He made the chocolate cake with pieces of chocolate bars and it was yummy.I 've tried it before and so i wanna make it again. This time, however, i had changed the chocolate bars to Toblerone chocolates and added a few chocolate chips. Just to make it more 'chocolate-ty'. I can't wait to taste it tomorrow. hehehe... gotta go...I'll blog again tomorrow, yeah with pics of course.

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