Thursday, December 13, 2007

Madamoiselle & Holi-day 4

Had just got back from the movies. Watched 'I am Legend' with the siblings and I've gone "mental" nya org. Aaargh!! The movie was actually, alright, if you like that kind of story.. well , not so much for me. I feel tense. It's the same feeling when I watched '28 weeks later', only this time it's Will Smith, I love it when he acts so i like this one a bit better than '28 weeks later'. The sad part of the story, was his loneliness, and his loss on Samantha and of course, his sacrifice of his life. Okay, I've talked too much. You'd better watched it yourself. It's a good one to watch but tense. I'd give it an overall a 7.5 out of 10. And it's because Will Smith is really a very good actor.

Synopsis of the movie :

Robert Neville (Will Smith) is a brilliant scientist, but even he could not contain the terrible virus that was unstoppable, incurable...and manmade.
Somehow immune, Neville is now the last human survivor in what is left of New York City...and maybe the world. But he is not alone. He is surrounded by "the Infected", victims of the plague who have mutated into carnivorous beings who can only exist in the dark, and who will devour or infect anyone or anything in their path.

Other than watching a movie, I am at the moment having a sleep over at Rizqun...hehehe. Erra's mommy booked a room so all of us siblings, crammed in for a sleep over. A full house it is but it's fun. We had a small celebration just now for Erra...a cake eating session for Erra's birthday in the room. Oh by the way, I finally made the cake last nite. Despite of my tiredness, I finally managed to make one. Though, there's just so many things happening while making it. It didn't t turn out as it supposed to be. Yeah, I wanted to make it red but end up giving it a blue. I'll make a red one for mommy's birthday next month then. The cake however, although tasted just fine, but the icing was a wee bit too sweet. Had put in a lil too much on the icing sugar, sorry sis, I'll tone down the sugar next time. I was not focused when making the cake. haha... One more thing, the cake was supposed to read " Happy Bday Erra" somehow after finish making it, it seems like it says " Happy Day Berra" ..Really!! Never make a cake when you feel sleepy & tired. Whatever you do won't turn out right. I'm fortunate that the cake is still a bit presentable and edible. :p

Birthday girl on cutting cake..sorry, forgot to bring in the candles!

See the toblerone melts in the cake

We had dinner at KJ restaurant just across the mall. We had always loved the 'Assam Pedas Fish' there so we went there to satisfy our craves. Nyamaannzzz.....

It's late now. I gotta sleep. Till then, it's 18 more days of hiatus. Au revoir!

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