Saturday, December 15, 2007

Madamoiselle & Holi-day 6

Okay, I can't be bothered to make a long post today. I'm truly truly out of energy. My 3 nieces, stayed over at home and I've been baby siting them as they wanted to sleep over at their granny's house here.

Just now, they requested to make cupcakes. I told them if we have extra time, we'll bake cupcakes but for the moment, I had promised mom to bake some brownies for my cousin's occasion tomorrow. She's having an engagement and I wanted to bake brownies for the dessert. So with the help of my part time helpers [my nieces], we had a baking session in the afternoon and they were very much, a helper in wiping off the chocolate batter from the bowl before it was sent to bake!! The smell of chocolate tempted them too much and were eager to eat the left overs from the mixer bowl. We did not make the cupcakes though. Time was limited.

My Chocolate Fudge Almond Brownies cut into half the normal size for easy munching.

My normal size of brownie. The best part of this brownie is the non too sweet taste and the secret taste of applesauce.

After baking session, i had to get them ready for a small birthday party at my cousin's house for the evening. Dad planned to bring his grankids to Jerudong Park after the party but ended up just going round the place. Why? There were lots of people and the parking space were full... and it was already 10.30pm yet no parking were to be found. It was a big surprise as the scenery was rare these days to see lots of people going to the park. Just like the old days. An applaud for the organizers. It's a pity, the once glorious free park of Brunei had become a haunted quite place for so many years and now, the crowd came back. We managed to see the lil'dinosaur and Eiffel tower and the mosque as we passed by. Really cool. They should have a fun fair in the park...that'll be more fun to do. Oh what am i talking about here? Its the "Dazzling Lights Festival" held in Jerudong Park Garden from 15th Dec'07 till 6th Jan 2008. Just go ahead there...and don't forget to bring your cameras...Lots of pics to take with. I wished we'd gone in just now. Sigh!

Hey, I thought of making a short post only but ended typing a lot here...hehehe.. Well, aam blogging in the dark till then its 16 days of hiatus...noooooo!!! I need more time...

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