Friday, November 30, 2007

Madamoiselle & November B'day celebs

Hooray! Had a small birthday celebration for the November big babies..hahaha. Both my Sis & I had a small treat for the family at the Andaman restaurant and it was fun as we had the function room privately for us. We had buffets and we had karaoke and we are so the very "Syiok Sendiri" singing without any shame coz its only us. [Buat sja macam rumah sendiri]. Nasib baik the waiters were not in the room during the function. We were really on our own and we rock...Duh! The karaoke session was lousy...actually the singers were lousy aka US, their karaoke were superb. Lots of songs to choose and we had Scores! Oleev and her friend, scored a full hundred singing "I will Survive" despite their stinging-in-the-ear pitch voice..har!har!har! [kes jeles kah tu?]

As for the buffet, just look at those food we had. Everyone was totally full by the end of the occasion. It's a $15 per head buffet and was satisfying for the tummies. Not in the pic, was the 'Soto' and also 'Fruit Salad' which is part of the buffet.

That's 'Kerabu Telor' @ Egg salad {luruskah tu?}

Steamed Rice, Hot Rain Rice[..hehe direct translation che!] Ayam Kurma & Lamb stew

Assam Pedas Fish, Beef ?, Sayur Lodeh

Assorted Cakes

The Food and Drinks Setting

But the most special part of course, the specially ordered cupcakes made by the Queen Cupcakes herself [Toche.. toche your highness] so the very the lawa.... We love it!

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Zhoe Wynz on December 3, 2007 at 6:34 PM said...

very creative eh the bday cupcake.. wish i have one like that jua hehe

Madamoiselle ver.2 on December 3, 2007 at 10:47 PM said...

Hey Zhoe , you can get that cupcakes from the Queen Cupcake (

I order this from her...Teehee!! Bah order cha. :)