Saturday, September 8, 2007

MAdamoiselle & Apartment 1303

:: Movie Talk ::

APARTMENT 1303 ~ If you like horror, and if you think "Japs" movies are best in scaring peeps out of their pants, aaaand if you prefer goosebumps tingling off your nerves, trust me : NEVER WATCH THIS MOVIE!! It's a multi thumbs down, a big BOO, and a LOUd Snore!! It's a total waste of your money. Boy! this is the worst, I've ever commented on any movie.

Have you watched the indonesian movie " Pochong 2" [or was it 3??] , Apartment 1303 is the japanese version of it. I don't mean the story, but the feeling of being confused, bored, like "WTF?" of watching the whole show. And looking at the apartment itself, its weird just like the feeling when you watched the apartment in "Pochong 2". Was really disappointed with this movie, i'll rated it 2 out of 10.

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