Monday, September 24, 2007

Madamoiselle & Riviera Hotel Sungkai Buffet

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Went to KB the other day and had Sungkai at the Riviera Hotel Restaurant. It's my first experience to the the hotel and had a surprising mixture of liking it and not.

Firstly, the situation of the restaurant itself is strategically fantastic. I like the calm beautiful sight of the river with the yellow arrays of light as the sunset beams throughout the restaurant. Was a bit hot but still it feels nice.

The downside of the place is the lack of decor. They could have uplifted the looks better and could have make it more comfy. The style is there but something is missing...not sure what it is but its a bit uncomfortable.

As for the buffet, overall , i'd say it's okay to compare with the price which is about $9.9o per person. I like their curry chicken, one of a favourite dish of mine. Other than that, the service is also a so-so. We tried ordering their satay for a side dish (for desert) and it took ages to arrive. By the time it is served, our stomach is already "Nuhun". Luckily, we didn't order much and the taste of the satay is not as indulging as it smells.

To sum it all, I'd say, although I commented a bit negatively, i don't mind coming back to this place again. Hopefully, they'll upgrade it better in the future, sayang bah, the place is nice already, just needs a lil more effort.

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