Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Madamosielle & The Diary #5 ** Cherishing Mr Past **

:: The Diary ~ C'est La Vie ::

Dear Diary,

Mr. Past messaged me the other day. He was Outstation. We joked and we’re still friends. I miss him. But not as much as I missed him like before. Is it fading? Don’t think so. We chat and laughed. Then I popped a stupid question. “Do you still love me?” Silence. “Yes” he said, “I’ve always been in love with you.” Our conversation turned serious. He told me if he could turn back time , if he could change what things had been, if things weren’t so complicated, he’d married me. I cried. I knew he meant it. I knew he was sincere. I knew him well. I knew too, he’s just not too strong enough. I shouldn’t have asked the question. It provoked me too deep.

It’s ironic, when you thought you’ve found your soulmate, he is not the person that you can be with…forever. It’s so sad to know that, first love, was never meant to be your last. Love is such a complicating thing. Even Romeo and Juliet could not define the greatness of love and so the end of their suicidal act.

So dear diary,

I wish him well. I wish him happiness. Let our love be forever cherished between us without any of us killing ourselves :p.

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