Saturday, September 29, 2007

Madamoiselle & James Blunt


James Blunt is back!

Yey! Horey!

Maybe everybody knows about it by now and I'm already outdated about this news but still a big HOOREYY!!

James Blunt has released his new album called "All The Lost Souls" on the 18th of September in the U.S. so i think, maybe, it might take sometime for the album to reach here in Asia. Maybe NOT!! Need to check that out at the so-called "komunis Shop".

I am sooo excited! I love James Blunt ever since his 1st album "Back To Bedlam" was out for the world. I love his song "High" & "Tears and Rain" a damn lot. His music and his lyrics, his voice and his way of singing, I can never get bored listening to him. It's been a long wait for his new album to release. I've been wondering myself when he would make the next "da-bomb" album and now, finally, i wait no more.. hahaha!! I feel loved!!

His Single "1973" is out earlier and it's on MTV already. I'm loving it too! Yeehaaa... I've just heard a few samples of his songs from his new album, Lawa berabish eh!Like it! Love it! Adore it!! I'm out of words......

Boh! Reading back what i've written, I'm sure am excited about this, too excited that is...Teehee!
I think i should just leave you guys with his latest single "1973" ..Happy viewing!

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