Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Madamoisell & her Random-ness #6

Had a conversation with my sister the other day. She told me a story about this Chinese guy going to an Indian muslim restaurant. He asked the Indian waiter for Fried Pork Noodles. The Indian apologisesto the Chinese guy, told him they do not serve pork in the restaurant and began mentioning all the menus they have. With blur tone, the Chinese guy said “Ok, then I’ll have Fried rice with pork!” A little annoyed, the Indian waiter once again told the Chinese guy that they do not serve pork. Again, the Chinese guy asked for another pork dish and the Indian waiter started to burn up but patiently suggested if he would like Nasi Lemak instead. The Chinese guy then said “ Ok laaah, ok laaah, haiiiyaa!!! I want Nasi lemak leh….but no chicken mah, you just put the pork on top of the rice, okey??!!”

“PORK YOU!!! %*W&%$@!” said the angry Indian waiter….kekeke!!!

We cracked!! Pacah, pacah!! Then, our conversation suddenly goes like this;

Sis: Eh! I’m getting fat kah?

Moi: Don’t know eh!

Sis: Well, at least my nose is not like a pig…*giggles*

Moi: [in Chinese slang] What? Your nose not like pig eeh, but your face aaaah same same like pig maah!!! Wahaahaha!!!

Sis: LOL!!


We cracked like $#!T…Teeheee!!

==The End==

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