Sunday, September 30, 2007

Madamoiselle & Got Milk

Got Milk?

I have always been fascinated with that "Got Milk?" adverts. A big applause with their signature "Milk-smudge-on-the-upper-lips" style ads. Truly original, totally innovative.

Been browsing through the web and found some of their ads.Even Super Heroes & mutants loves milk :p hahaha... Me like!!

I like Smeagol's ad. Poor him, he is so confused!! hehehe...
Smeagol like milk. Milk is smegol's friend. No...No, milk betrayed us! Milk betrayed uses!!! No! Milk is our friend! Milk is our friend! Milk betrayed us! Milk hates us! We must kill itses!! Noo Go awy! Go away! Go away? Go away! Go away? Go away! Go away and never come back! We love Milk! Milk is our friend! We must have milk! Milk is good for us!!!... He's gone! Milk is our master now!
I wonder how it'll be like if we had the malay version of this ad. "Ada Susu?" hahaha.. Unfortunately it can also mean " Got Breast?" in English. :p
Milk = Susu = Breast
See what i mean, Not good!!

Rock stars needs Milk too ya know... They prefered chocolate though...Look at the tongue! so much about milk eih.

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