Thursday, September 6, 2007

Madamoiselle & her Rants

It's been almost a week since I've last updated this blog. I've been too tired to go online, too tired that I slept earlier than my normal wee hours of beauty sleep. I don't know why, I felt so exhausted lately, but what's worst, the earlier i get to sleep, the later i get to wake up. Shux! I'm slacking. I'm just in no such mood of working, until yesterday. I just have to work hard or i'll be darn in trouble for the rest of my life. Maybe, I was too hyper for the past few months. Maybe, I just want to settle down and have kids... [huh? BIG SHOUT OUT : Am Single and Available here..hehehe] ...i mean, have a good rest. Maybe, or just maybe, I'm getting old! hmmm.... going 30 is old?? Just Slap Me! HARD!!!


Err...... Thanks!

Anyway, anyhow, I'll try to update my "Yesterday's News" soon. My tiredness overpowered me so much, i don't think I can update it all in a go. Boy! I really need a boost. So here's a list of my next posts that i'd like to post when i got time.." yeah, i got time!!"

1) Madamoiselle & iLotus [ Food Talk]
2) Madamosielle & Tanda Cinta Mata [Going somewhere]
3) Madamosielle & Apartment 1303 [ Movie Talk ]
4) Madamoiselle & her BAGS [ Random-ness ]

Till then, am blogging in the dark, on my bed, feeling ultimately tired but could not get to sleep. Waaaaa.....!!!

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