Saturday, September 8, 2007

Madamoiselle & The Invisible

:: Movie Talk ::

I know this is crazy. After a dissatisfaction with "Apartment 1303", the next day, i went again to the Cineplex and watch something else to kill the boredom of an unsatisfied movie goer. This time I picked " The Invisible". It was just a random pick, a pick from what is available at the time, a pick from a last minute plan, and its a pick of the newest movie for the week. Yipee!! So what's with "The Invisible"?

From the advertised banner in the Cineplex[Not the same banner as the pic above], it looked like a horror-thriller movie. a face without a face. Oooh... scary!! After watching it, my say is.... Waaaa!! i find it a sad movie. Touchy? Sensitive? Probably but I admit, I "WEEPed". Nope, I didn't cry...just weeped. A few of the scenes were touchy for ME. I don't know bout you guys, but I'm very sorry with the life of Annie, one of the main characters of the movie. Though she's supposed to be the "Bad guy" but somehow it turns out that she's just in the wrong side of life. Nick on the other hand, the sad part of him is, when he realized how he had misunderstood his mum for being too "strong and well planned". Every person has a secret...two lifes.. not all happy as it may seemed. This movie tells you the story of two people, different stories, opposite "wants" in life and are connected in its worst times. They both could be happy together if not because one of them died because one of them had to live after unintentionally murdered by one of them. Hmmm...confused? Better watch it. It's not really a box office movie but it's just something new and different. I like it. I know my explanation is not the real synopsis of the movie, but just my view of how i see the story goes. Wrong place, wrong time. It's just a matter of how you choose life without choosing. I think i don't make sense, do i? Forget it, just watch the movie.

My verdict for this movie is 8.5 out of 10.

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