Friday, September 21, 2007

Madamoiselle & Sungkai Gathering

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Today, we had a Sungkai-Gathering for our big family at home sweet home. Didn't do any cooking though. Normally ,we had own cooked food thats too much varieties on the menu but this time we decided for simplicity and convenience, just 'order' lah ..hehehe.. My parents decided that we ordered "Nasi Beriyani" from Rang Mahal Restaurant and had local fruits for dessert. Sound simple but it still looks a lot. Dad ordered 3 kinds of "Nasi Beriyani" aka Chicken Beriyani, Beef Beriyani and Lamb Beriyani. For desserts, he bought "Rambutans", "Langsat", "Tarap" and the most favourite "Durian Kuning"..nyum nyum. Everyone targeted the durians first for the opening of much of Durian lovers eih! Here's some pics of the food i manage to take with my handphone camera:

The "Talam" of Beriyanis

The "dalcha" and "acar" for the beriyani and a home cooked "Sayur ubi" from my aunt.

The 3 Beriyanis

Rambutan & Langsat

The sweet "Tarap"

The famous "Durian"

an essential food for breaking the fast~ 'Dates'

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