Sunday, September 16, 2007

Madamoiselle & her Random-ness

:: Her Random-ness::

Hello Everyone, Anyone & Someone.

It's the 4th day of fasting and I'm doing it very well. This year, somehow, I'm so keen with Ramadhan and i'm glad, it's that holy month now. Although, there are also so many things happening in this month, i.e. my baby car is "sick" and making it better needs a hell lot of money, piles & tons of work heaping to be done in such a limited time and impossible to clear it properly, my on and off headache and tiredness etc.......I tried to take things easy and try not to think much about it. Well, its hard, really hard but I hope I'll get through all these easily, insyaallah.

Probably, this coming one week, i would be on hiatus mode for my blogging. But if i do have time to write, that's mean, i'm sneaking my time..hehehe... When you start blogging, it's hard to stop, Ain't i right? The same with now, I'm supposed to be busy doing something else, but I had this urge to sneak in and blog... Sneaky me..hehehe...

Okay, i gotta get back to what i shud be doing. Buh-bai!! Happy "Puasa", Happy "Sungkai", and Happy "Sahur" :P

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