Sunday, September 16, 2007

Madamoiselle & Blog-Share #1

:: Blog-Share ::

I love blog hopping. I come across quite a lot of blogs, interesting ones, funny ones, I like reading international bloggers who could come up with so many ideas, and so many things. Not to mention, local blogs too. I've been blog hoping every blogs from the list of the blogging nation. hehehe...and i just couldn't stop.

But for today, I'd like to let you know with one blog site that I can't help stopping by, which is called "Blogs We Luv".

Its a blog that features blogs that people love from around the world and they have this "10 questions" that you can answer about your blog and submit to them. If they find it interesting, they'll post your answers in their blog and this, indirectly promotes your blog for free. They also have a "blog contest" that you can join. Here, They do reviews on blogs that they love and of course have votes for the best bloggers. As an active blog hopper, i love to go to their site, as they can give me a buffet of blogs that are very interesting to read and acknowledge. So for anyone interested, just hop in to the blog. :) ooh.. I sound like i'm doing a commercial here. hehehe... i don't, i just want to share. Happy Reading...Happy Blogging.. Happy Hopping!!

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