Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Madamoiselle: P**s**D

Dear You,

These few days, this is what we all have been doing / feeling :

P -Partly
I - Ignoring
S - Some
S - Sick
E - Ego
D - Discriminators

I'm being irrational. Haven't been like this for a long time. You took our smile away and you are definitely enjoying it. Excruciating? Yes, We admit. It is painful. But We'll make sure you're not in your comfort zone either.
Thank you for trying to exist in our life. Thank you for your "Greatness" you have in yourselves. Thank you for being there when you're very much NOT needed. Thank you for colouring our world, another shades of gray.

Sarcasms? You have been our great icons. You thought us well. Some of us are learning our best to outdo you with your skills. Bear with us, We'll get better soon, Sifus.

So dear you, you or you, Take your time, you've thought you had found 'Glory'. Go ahead, show your prides, boost your egos, We can't be 'killed' with the tiny d*** you can only have!

This dedication goes out to all who thought that this could be for you hehehehe.... :p

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